A COGIC Son Terrance Rayshone Faison Killed In A Hit And Run 

Posted on November 20, 2015


 Obnoxious Media regreats to share with you that a son of COGIC was killed just before the 108th Holy Convocation.  Known as singer, hard worker — Terrance Rayshone Faison was killed in hit-and-run accident.

Police are looking for a two-tone, gold Ford Expedition in connection to a hit and run early Friday.
Terrance was hit, killed while walking on Poole Road after he had just gotten off the bus and was headed home.

When friends learned that Terrance Rayshone Faison, 23, had died Thursday night after being hit by an SUV along Poole Road in Raleigh, they first remembered his voice.
They referred to celebratory Sunday mornings at Abundant Life Church, where Skennth Powell is the pastor, and his clips on Instagram.
Joshua Powell, the pastor’s son, said it was singing that drove his friendship with Faison.
“We had a little group. Any time there was an anniversary or anything like that, we would sing,” he said.
Faison was on his way home to 4009 Mackinac Island Lane in Raleigh when he was hit. He was working two jobs – bank teller by day, clerk at Crabtree Valley Mall by night – to fund his dream of a career in the music industry, his mother said.
Investigators with the State Highway Patrol discovered Faison’s body in a ditch alongside the road just before 8 a.m. They believe he had been walking on the right shoulder of the road when he was struck and estimated that the collision happened before midnight.
Raleigh police were looking for the driver of a two-tone, gold 2004 or 2005 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition after finding a piece of a bumper near the place Faison lay. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the Highway Patrol Communication Center at 919-733-3861 or the Raleigh Highway Patrol office at 919-733-4400.
Powell and a family member both remembered a happy young man whose voice will resonate well beyond his life.
“He always smiled. He was a good kid. He never went the wrong way in life,” a cousin said.
“I can think of all the times that we laughed,” Powell said. “I can listen to all the music that we recorded.”