WTF?!?!  Bishop Larry Trotter And His Wife Mildred Are Headed For Divorce Court After Only 20 Months Of Marriage–Find Out Why She Jumped On Him 

Posted on October 18, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, this one bishop seems to stay a subject on my blog.  Bishop Larry Trotter does not disappoint with is sandals making for great post to my blog.  In fact some of our record braking post the have gone viral were about Bishop Larry Trotter (Bishop Larry Trotter Gets Married!).  So we have been hearing that Larry is headed for divorce court!  Purportedly he and Mildred could not even make it two years.  Mildred is from the west side of Chicago and is said not to be a sweet innocent chick, but one that likes to fight, kick ass, and take names.  According to my Obnoxious Street Committee Mildred is just as good at fighting as she is at singing and preaching.  Mildred’s reputation precedes her and goes back to her first husband and their tumultuous marriage while they were members of DeAndre Patterson’s church. 

Well, last year Trotter was posting silly lies that he had Mildred expecting twins (WTF! Bishop Larry Trotter And His Wife Mildred Expecting Twins), but as sickly as he is we seriously doubt Trotter could get it up if his life depended on it.  If he did most likely he would probably land in the hospital in just as bad state as Lamar Odom.  According to members of out Obnoxious Street Committee that are members of Sweet Holy Spirit Mildred has been persona non grata for at least six weeks.  Now what kind of mess is that for a so called First Lady to hang out of church that long?  However, the members are said to be coming back to the church now that she is gone.  Sources say Trotter had dropped form three services to two, but now that the evil Wicked Witch of the West is gone he might go back to three.  

You must be wondering just what has caused the so-called lovebirds to part ways.  Now that is where the story get confusing.  Some say that Mildred caught Larry Trotter doing something inappropriate and others say they have just not gotten along for some time now.  However, Larry Trotter told a fellow Bishop in the Lord’s Church that Mildred jumped on him and beat him up.  Now we know Larry is not in the best of health and far to weak to take the serious ass whipping that Mildred administered.  She could have made him have another stroke.  According to the Bishop it was bad and he could just not deal with it anymore and was getting a divorce.  Obnoxious Media called and texted Larry Trotter’s but received no response.  We believe he has blocked out numbers and we are not going to break our neck to reach him by using other phones. 

Obnoxious readers what do you think about clergymen getting divorced?

 As you well know Bishop Larry Trotter does not exercise sound judgment.  Do recall his posting the photo of him in the bathtub with his granddaughter?  Clearly, he could not take my dog to the dog pound let alone be the watchmen of my soul!

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Thanks to the members of my Obnoxious Street Committee again for this one. Sometime yesterday or today my phone began to jump off the hook about this photo of Bishop Larry Trotter in the bathtub with his granddaughter. To be perfectly honest I help this for a […]  

 Although, he went on DeAndre Patterson’s radio show to explain his offensive actions he never explained what kind of zoo he is running called a house.  Who was in the bathroom with them taking pictures?