Obnoxious Breaking News! Former President Of The International Music Department Of The Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Supervisor LuVonia Whittley Had A Stroke

Posted on October 15, 2015


 Obnoxious Media is deeply saddened to inform you that Supervisor LUVONIA WHITTLEY, Ph.d. suffered a stroke on  this past Sunday and currently still in a Chicago hospital.  Mother LuVonia Whittley a former President of the International Music Department under the late Presiding Bishop Candler David Owens is a most prolific evangelist in the Church Of God In Christ.  Having preached a dynamic message during the Annual Women’s Convention at the request of General Supervisor Willie Mae Rivers.  One of the most beautiful women inside and out, Mother Whittley shared her powerful testimony of how she was once ashamed of one of her son’s that had a substance abuse problem.  Her ability to be candid and transparent before such an Great body of believers demonstrated the anointing on her life.  Simple put Mother Whittley wrecked the convention center.  Please keep her family and Corinthians COGIC family in prayer as we believe God for her complete and total recovery!

Read and learn more about this dynamic woman in bio below:


She is known as the woman gifted in administration, an organizer among organizers, and a towering figure in the gospel music industry. For the International Music Department, this vessel of excellence was given to us as our beloved second appointed International President and the third leader in succession, the incomparable Supervisor Dr. LuVonia Whittley.

Born May 15, 1943, Mother LuVonia Allison Whittley is the eldest daughter of the late Auxiliary Bishop Bennie Allison and the late Mother Mozilla Allison. She’s been happily married for 51 years to Elder Robert Whittley, Sr. with whom she shares two sons (both pastors, including Scholastic Motivation Ministries Executive Director, Superintendent David Todd Whittley), two daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren.

Mother Whittley holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the Chicago Teachers College, a Master’s Degree in Language Arts and Administration from Chicago State University and the Doctorate Degree in Theological Studies from Midwest College and Theological Seminary. Retiring in 2013, Mother Whittley is acclaimed for serving 25 years as host for “Gospel at Its Best” on two of Chicago’s premiere radio stations, WYCA and WRGB, where she rightfully earned the title “Chicagoland’s Radio Minister of Music.”

Mother Whittley is known throughout the Church of God in Christ as a powerful and anointed evangelist, author, motivator and organizer. She studied at the Chicago Conservatory of Music and for nearly 25 years she served as Jurisdictional Minister of Music for the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Illinois (under the late Bishop Louis Henry Ford), recognized for building a music department to include close to 1,500 singers and musicians.

At present, Mother Whittley now serves as Director of Christian Education for the Corinthian Temple Church Of God In Christ, where her son Administrative Assistant David Todd Whittley serves as Pastor; and where she served for nearly 40 years as Minister of Music (under her father – the late Auxiliary Bishop Bennie Allison) and the visionary leader of the legendary gospel recording aggregation, the Corinthian Temple Radio Choir. Within the Illinois Midwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Mother Whittley serves as the Jurisdictional Supervisor of the Department of Women (9 years under Bishop W.J. Chambliss, and presently under Bishop Darrell L. Hines).

On the national level, Mother Whittley served for 25 years with the COGIC Department of Fine Arts as a Music Activities Coordinator, noted for organizing and leading the J.O. Patterson Fine Arts Orchestra (appointed in 1989 under the late Bishop J.O. Patterson, Sr.) In 1992, she was appointed as a Vice President for the International Music Department, alongside Madame Mattie Wigley. In 1994, she was appointed to succeed the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, and served for 6½ years as the illustrious President of the International Music Department (under the late Bishop Louis H. Ford and the late Bishop Chandler D. Owens), recognized for bringing administrative finesse, organizational structure and wide participation to the department, and raising the level of music for Convocation worship services. In 2014, President Judith McAllister and the International Music Department introduced the Dr. LuVonia Whittley Administrative Excellence Award, presented annually during the IMD’s Honors Luncheon and Heritage Awards.

In view of her multifaceted competencies in music, administration and evangelism, Mother Whittley was appointed as the AIM Executive Secretary in 2001 by the late Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson. She served in that capacity for 10 years (under former AIM Chairmen Bishop Jerry Macklin and Bishop J. Drew Sheard). Mother Whittley presently serves as a member of the AIM Executive Leadership Team (Superintendent Linwood Dillard, Chairman); Executive Board Member for the National Leadership Conference (Bishop Jerry Macklin, Chairman); and member of the Executive Board for the International Women’s Department (Mother Willie Mae Rivers, General Supervisor).

Whether serving her local church, jurisdiction, or the national church; conducting revivals, ministering for conferences, churches and educational institutions throughout the United States; Mother Whittley touches thousands, her purpose being to win souls for Christ and to inspire and edify the people of God.

The recent recipient of the 2015 COGIC Leadership Conference Eagle Award for her outstanding contributions in leadership, President Judith Christie McAllister and the International Music Department of the Church Of God In Christ are proud to honor “The Great Administrator,” Supervisor Dr. LuVonia Whittley. “Anointed To Serve” and a true living trailblazer among us.