Aretha Franklin Serenades Pope Francis With ‘Amazing Grace’ And Dances In The Spirit

Posted on September 30, 2015


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The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, showered Pope Francis with love and appreciation while serenading His Holiness with her rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ in front of thousands of excited spectators at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia on Sept. 26. Click to WATCH!

Aretha Franklin, 73, didn’t hold back while serenading her sweet and soulful version of “Amazing Grace” to Pope Francis, 78, at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia on Sept. 26 with the help of a gospel choir. The inspiring and charismatic Pontiff was all smiles as hundreds of thousands of excited attendees watched on. 
Aretha, the daughter of civil rights activist and preacher C.L. Franklin, sang “Amazing Grace” to Pope Francis and sounded just as incredible as ever. The singer belted out the high notes to the hit song while the Pope watched on. Aretha has and always will be a music legend! Pope Francis was honored in front of a crowd of over 300,000 people at the Festival of Families hosted by Mark Wahlberg.
The all-star lineup included included Aretha, Andrea Bocelli, Colombian singer Juanes, The Fray and Sister Sledge, who performed the befitting “We Are Family.” The message of the night focused on the importance of family, with Pope Francis telling the enthusiastic crowd, “In the family, there are difficulties, but those difficulties are overcome with love. Love is about celebration, love is joy, love is moving forward.”
As previously reported, Pope Francis held an evening mass at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Sept. 25. Celebrities in attendance at what was dubbed “A Journey of Faith” included Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Hudson, and Gloria Estefan. Jennifer sang her rendition of “Hallelujah” while Harry performed “How Great Thou Art”.
Although, feelings about the Pope is rapidly changing now that it has been revealed that he met with Kim Davis.  Davis was jailed for refusing to sign a marriage license for a gay couple.  Many do not understand why she still has her job is because she is an elected official and will have to be impeached by the Kentucky General Assembly.  Of all the people he would have met with why her?  The Pope’s people knew this was controversial, which is why they kept it a secret.  How do you feel about his meeting with Kim Davis?