James Hall’s New Era Is Set For Release October 30

Posted on September 29, 2015


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Well the wait is over and it is time for James Hall’s new project.  With a hot new single ‘King’ from his new album.  You better get your copy now of WAP New Era.  James has some great Colabartions with Zeke Listenbee and others that will surely bless you.  Now get to read more details on the professor and his new project.

What we knew as the sound of Professor James Hall and Worship and Praise is now revealed again through this CD, WAP NEW ERA, as the elevated version of gospel music mastery. NEW ERA is Prof. Hall’s intimate interpretation of the art. Collaborating with Co-Producer Troy Chambers with an adroitness of musicianship, he takes a short hiatus from the Live Stage to commune in the sanctuary of the Studio, creating a multi-flavorful connection of music. It delivers on all genres of composition, giving us the range-leaping vibratos and praise-reaching staccatos. NEW ERA truly evokes your hands to raise or your desire to be saved… either way, the anointing WILL move you. From lone listeners to psalmists to musicians. Listen and allow it to minister to you, that you might glean from it to inspire your own. We are thrilled to share, this our new success, with you.