Wacka Flocka Says: Caitlyn Jenner And All Transgenders Rebuke God!

Posted on September 23, 2015


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Rappers are known for being outspoken. Wacka Flocka is no exception to that rule. He had a no holds barred interview with a popular morning show and went all in on what he thought was immoral.

Waka says people who change from men to women and vice versa are “evil.”
He believes what Caitlyn and others like her have done is “rebuking God,” and they’ve given in to “the devil playing tricks on” their minds. Wacka’s upset that Jenner and others send messages on TV to impressionable kids … and adults need to be more responsible.For some Christians, helping people to transition from one gender to another is a compassionate response to a deeply-felt need. Others are profoundly uncomfortable about the theological implications of such interventions. Many evangelical Christians have serious theological doubts about the procedures, and about the increasing normalization of the ‘transgendered’ identity.
It is funny that he said this due to the rumors that he was looking to do homosexual porn before his music career took off.