Historic Philadelphia Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Bruce Madison Oakley Memorial Temple COGIC Lost Due To Forecloser–Evangelist Maria Gardner Son-In-Law Derek Rimson Has Lost Her Church 

Posted on September 23, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……It seems the rumors are true that the Bishop Oakley Memorial Church Of God In Christ has been lost due to forecloser.  It seems that Pastor Derek Remson has lost a church that had been paid for years ago.  

Mother Ireane Oakley pastored the church after her husband died and it was passed to Maria Gariner, who pastored the church until she married Bishop Langston and relocated to San Francisco.  

Read an e-mail sent to me by one of the good members of my Obnoxious Street Committee below:

Dear Mr. Obnoxious 

I don’t have all the details, but was told that the officers agreed unanimously to sell to a developer to avoid foreclosure. Koreans purchased the property and have plans of putting a school there. Nobody knows if they are going to gut the building or tear it down. 

I was told that when Maria married Fatty (Nickname of her ex-husband) he was chairman of the finance committee and they manipulated and sold Mother Oakley’s home in Wyncote (that was supposed to be left to the church as a parsonage for visiting Evangelist), mortgaged the church and purchased a $750,000 home in New Jersey. Her daughter and son in law live their now. The other version is that Derek Rimsom mortgaged the church and sold the two buildings the church owned and misappropriated the funds. His wife is trying to kick off this singing career and monies were poured into that as well. 

I couldn’t determined who are the current officers except two: Deacon Govan and Deacon Vaughn Newman both of which who were there with Mother Oakley. 

Bruce Madison Oakley Memorial Temple COGIC.

I’m still trying to obtain information.
Checkout some of the firestorm on social media below:

#1 Consumer Comment

Doing it again
AUTHOR: Jake – (USA)
SUBMITTED: Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Well well well Derek is t it again. Tht good ole church BMO that he renamed to kingdon dominion cathedral is about to shut down because of a foreclosure. Derek is a ripoff and his wife is just as bad! They know d*** well tht church about to close and not saying anything to no one. His wife sitting around eating rice Krispie treat trying to start a singing career that’s going no further than where its at. How is she doing the very lil traveling she doing and the church she and Derek are pastoring is about to be shut down! They dnt care about no one but self and that’s it and Maria Gardner dne married her fourth husband sitting up in Cali mad because she thought she was marrying a man with money has enough but not enough to keep up with how she was living. She in Cali not caring about nothing concerning BMO they are all going to hell! They selfish and full of it! And the people that are defending derek on this site prob tht lil f*g Torrin tht lives with them and waits on them like marry the maid he sad too, he wants to be in so and he’ll get treated like a salve By them. Maria couldn’t stand him or his mother back in the day and Terry talks about his mother often. si between the blessed man and the other thts derek himself and tyt Torrin kid. They are all a mess and dnt care nothing about souls just self! Yup tht church tht stood for 80yrs about to be shut down smh!!!! Mother Oakley is turning in her grave!