The Gay Kappa Wedding Guys Are Headed To Divorce Court

Posted on September 22, 2015


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Just 3 years ago, the nuptials of Nathanael Gay and Robert Brown took the internet by storm when the story of their wedding was broke right here on Obnoxious. Kappa Alpha Psi and the Black greek community were having a fit and everyone was hitting me up saying how could I say this about two frat brothers. The whole situation really did get blown totally out of proportion.  However, at the time it gave the appearance that both of the men were Kappas instead of just one. Granted they did opt for red and white as their wedding colors, but that didn’t necessarily make it a “Kappa Wedding, but it sure made it seem like it did especially with all the had signs been thrown in the pics and the actual stepping at the reception.  Was the color choice an intentional tie to Kappa Alpha Psi due to one of the men being a member.

Mr. Gay made the announcement via his Facebook page that the two were getting divorced but would like to request privacy during the difficult time.

No doubt their wedding was beautiful and the spared no expense.  The only complaint I had was they did not have custom tuxedos.  The other thing was for the first time we saw a very beautiful and traditional wedding in all aspects, but it was two men.  They seemed to be madly inlove and even made Tom Joyner Morning Show to discuss their wedding.  Now they want privacy.  Yeah right.  Obnoxious Media is just waiting on word of what actually happen to report it right here.  We want all the details.