Checkout Bishop Trick Daddy Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Lee Long And Luther McKinstry At A White Party

Posted on September 14, 2015



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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, checkout Bishop Trick Daddy Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Lee Long at what seems to be an all white party.  Now I know that those of us that are Pentecostal we do not party, dance, drink, or smoke, but other denominations do partake in those behaviors and it seems that the bishop does as well.  This past week has been a rough one for the Saints with LeAndria Johnson drinking and cussing to Bishop Long out at what seems to be a questionable party is just a bit much.  If everything is going on in church then what is it we are asking people in the world to come out of to join us.  The Bible says come out form among them, but we are doing everything sinners do in church.  Darkness and light have no fellowship, when light comes darkness has to go.  If you profess Christ and clean then why you want to look nasty?  Holiness is right!  So many have made church look stupid and deplorable, but God is going to have the last say.  You can get by, but you will not get away!!!

Now to all of you that will read this and disagree that is fine you can, but Paul wrote a many letters correcting the early church.  Now no one corrects anyone now.  Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and everyone is a bishop now so anything goes.  Eddie Long brought shame to the church and is to arrogant or stupid to apologize for putting the Body of Christ through that horrible ordeal.  Now it has been a few years and it is back to business as usual and look at him.  I would not have him take my dog to the dog pound, yet alone put my soul in his hands.  Does he look like a man with a prayer life?  He was busted getting his young boy’s nails done and I have even seen him around Atlanta with the same guy to now these photos at some party.  Where was his wife and other individuals?  Last I checked we should not let our good be evil spoken of, but everything is okay these days.

Obnoxious readers what do you think about this preacher and the company he is keeping in these photos?  If you have any additional details about the party and photos please send them to Obnoxious Media!

Obnoxious Update!  Insiders say the man in the two pictures with Bishop Trick Daddy Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Lee Long is supposed to be a preacher by the name of Luther McKinstry.  Everyone that knows me know I not know or follow this off brand folks and their so called ministries.  So Obnoxious Readers you all tell me who are these men with Eddie!