‘Preacher’s Of Detroit’ Pastor Don Shelby Has His Daughter’s Boyfriend Thaddeus Washington Jumped On A Sunday Morning At His Church

Posted on September 9, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……’Preacher’s Of Detroit’ Pastor Don Shelby gets gangster and has Thaddues Washington jumped at church on a Sunday Morning!  Well you know I held out on this one and was not going to tell it because I thought it honestly might make the church look just to bad in the eyes of the masses.  However, it is only through exposing these ills in the church that will learn grow an improve.  It is sad to go to church and face confrontation, but fighting is all in the Bible.  I know The Lord will anoint me to kick someone’s ass if they walk up on me in the name of Jesus.  

               Well that is just what happen to Thaddeus Washington when he decided to attend the Bruning Bush Church Of God In Christ while Donnie McCkurklin was there to sing and preach.  One of of my good Obnoxious Street Committee members was present as the hold thing unfolded.  It was high mass and service was in full swing by the time Thaddeus Washington made his appearance.  It was in fact his first time attending service since Obnoxious Media broke the story that Don Shelby forced his daughter to have an abortion.  

Now the rumor is that Courtney Shelby and Thaddues had began to see each other again after they ran into each other in the airport in Detroit.  According to Thaddeus father he is deeply inlove with Courtney and wanted to be with her not matter what the outcome.  He finally walked in when all Hell broke loose.  The word is Donnie was up and getting ready to get started in his dramatic antics when the show began.  Since the show Don Shelby had gotten a little Hollywood and has a full security team to protect him form the 100 or so members he has on Sunday.  Not to get off on that tangent Thaddeus walked in and Set It Off!  Don Shelby and his security got up to go out and an usher asked Thaddeus to step outside.  Being the rather easily influenced guy that he is he went outside.  Don Shelby is said to have told him he was not welcome to attend Bruning Bush and that he needed to leave.  Thaddeus wanted to meet with Shelby and insist they talk and discuss things, but it was not going to happen.  

The Word is that Don Shelby’s father (or father-in-law Pop Tosome) was ready to give Thaddeus an old fashioned Detroit style ass whipping in the church parking lot and Thaddeus got pushed around a bit before he took the hint.  All the the excitement and people going in and out of the church to see what was going on proved to be to much for Donnie who eventually left without preaching as he was scheduled.  Now Obnoxious Media had been in commication with Thaddeus father, who was very upset about the altercation with his son.  He promised to call back at a time when he could go into more detail about what had happen to his son at the church and was even thinking about pressing charges, but it seems he never did and could no longer be reached at the cell number he had provided.  

Read the Obnoxious Media Breaking Story On Don Shelby Making His Daughter Have An Abortion Below:

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Readers you all are going to kill me for holding this story for almost three weeks now, but those of you that read and follow my blog know that at times I rather wait until I have all the details than to share a story prematurely. Like many of the stories I have broke here at Obnoxious Media, they often peel back like a onion with many deep detailed layers. On a daily basis I receive over three hundred e-mails and it is most difficult to read through them all and get to the juicy ones that give serious information that must be shared.

Obnoxious is a thought provoking expression that is unobjectionably hot; it is a person, place, thing, or topic, that has to be called out and examined through popular eyes, always verifying the essence of true style, class, and intelligence.

Now many of you know that lawsuits I recently faced should serve as credence

to the power I have when it comes to my blogs and the fear of lowdown scoundrels being exposed, and their going through great lengths to shut me down. But, boy oh boy do I have a lot to say on this post.

Readers will not always smile or have pleasant feelings with the contents of

what Mr. Obnoxious sets before them but they will be presented a different point of view from their customs. One will learn quickly that his or her perspective is not always right. Additionally, I love to give you the latest gossip on all aspects of life. You would never know there was a Heaven if I did not drag you through the slums of Hell!

Now that I got that off my chest, let me get to the matter at hand.

Recently, three members of my Obnoxious Street Committee sent me the most disturbing e-mail that I have shared with you below:

Yes that is him!

I used to be a member of his church. 
Now he’s on this show, and the first episode he talking about his children are all pure, and I know for a fact this isn’t true. While I was a member at Burning Bush a few years ago his oldest daughter Courtney (the one that said she wouldn’t vote for a woman president) was PREGNANT! I know this to be true because she had to come before the church and apologize. She got pregnant by the guitar player (Thaddaus). But there had to have been some foul play involved because all of a sudden the guitar guy was gone. Then shortly after all of sudden she wasn’t pregnant. They claim she had a miscarriage, but it was all suspicious. I believe there was an abortion involved. For him to say his children are pure is a flat out lie!! And I don’t know if the guitar player is under this cult, because everyone there kisses the Shelby’s butt and follow all up under them. Grown men calling him Daddy. Shelby is very controlling! And for that guitar player to be kicked out, now all of a sudden he’s back, something’s up. Seeing as to how the church pays all of their bills, Shelby had to figure out a way to try and smooth it over with the church. And I believe his due to his controlling nature he had his daughter have an abortion so they wouldn’t have to answer to it abroad, and so he keep this facade of his children being pure! They are deceitful people and one thing I can’t stand is a lying preacher. My sister is still a member there and she said towards the end of last year they had something called “Steel Sunday” and Shelby told the church they needed money to order steel for a building project and in order to break ground last year they had to raise $50,000. They raised $65,000 that sunday and she says they still have yet to even start that project. Those funds are believed to have gone to maintain he and his family’s lifestyle.
Preachers Of Detroit cast member Pastor Don Shelby family is not as beautiful as he would like to portray on television. In fact, he might be the very culprit in the Shelby reality being far different from what they have made it to be for television. Don Shelby obviously loves his children very much like any parent would and would like what is best for them even if it means lying to keep up appearances, but this man has committed one of the ultimate sins to save face and image. At best he is hypocrite, lier, and murder in some instances. His oldest daughter Courtney is nothing, but pure and got pregnant by the guitar player Thaddues Washington. According to my conversation with Pastor Shelby the allegation was true. He admitted to me via the phone that his daughter had fallen in to sin and was with child. However, according to him there werecomplications with her pregnancy and she did not carry the child full term, but in fact miscarried and lost the baby.

Church Of God In Christ Superintendent and Adminstrative Assistant quickly called me after preaching a funeral at his church today to share with me what I had heard from two current members and one former member is true. During a very pleasant conversation we discussed the difficulty of ministry and how it was a rough time of him and his daughter that had to go before the church and repent and was even removed from offices she held in the ministry for a time period after it was know she was pregnant. Thaddeus was removed from the church for close to a year and since has come back to the church. Pastor Shelby was most kind in explaining that he had a hard time with his daughter getting pregnant, but was not trying to hide it or protry something that was not true for television. I reminded him that he had to be aware that the moment he signed up for reality TV that this ugly truth was going to come out. Shelby like most men missed the mark and what could have been a powerful element to the show to help young women by being open and honest that Courtney fell from grace he ignored it and here it pops up on Obnoxious!

Earlier today after speaking with Pastor Shelby I thought this topic would never see the light of day, but something would not let me rest until I had talked to Thaddeus Washington to get his side of the story. Just as I thought he told a very different story form Pastor Shelby that was not a nice bed of roses. According to Thaddeus he was excommunicated from Bruning Bush Church Of God In Christ when it was discovered he had gotten the pastor’s daughter pregnant. A very dark and difficult hear it was for him at best. Don Shelby caused his daughter to cut all communication with Thaddaus and took he cell phone and made her shut down all he social media accounts to insure she had no commutation with the father of her baby.

Thaddeus expressed he was greatly surprised that Pastor Shelby discussed

the issue at all with me due to it being a very difficult topic to this day for him. He went on to admit that he continued to purse communication with Pastor Shelby and wanted to come back to the church. For an entire year he called,

texted, and sent e-mails until Shelby responded and agreed to meet with him. With very strict guidelines Don Shelby made it clear to Thaddeus what terms he would come back to Burning Bush. Also within the same year he ran into his ex-girlfriend Courtney Shelby at the Detroit Airport, where she worked at the time and they talked. According to Thaddeus Washington, Courtney admitted to him her father made her have an abortion.

Courtney told me her father made her have an abortion and was even telling

people and other pastors I raped her!” Thaddeus explained.

One of the sources that brought this story to Obnoxious Media also shared the same thing and that was a major topic on all the mouths of the Saints in Detroit when this terrible situation first happened. It seems that Don Shelby forced his daughter to kill his first grandchild to keep up appearances for church folks. Now this is a very serious allegation especially for a Pentecostal preacher to have committed such a horrific act if what Thaddeus claims is true. During a late conversation, (while crying) Thaddeus shared he is currently a member of Pastor Don Shelby’s church and plays the guitar faithfully free of charge to the ministry. None of us would have ever thought all of this was going on in the picture perfect family the Shelby’s are attempting to portray on TV!