Busted Elder Emmanuel Richardson Kissing His Married Lover Is Now Being Installed As A Pastor Of A Church In Warner Robins, Gerogia 

Posted on September 9, 2015


 BUSTED! Elder Micheal Crutchfield And Elder Emmanuel Richardson Tongue Kissing! Greet Your Brother With Holy Kiss Like These Two Brothers Do!

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A member of my Obnoxious Street Committee sent me the above flyers informing me that Emmanuel Richardson was being installed as senior pastor of a church.  He landed on his feet in Warnner Robins, Georgia at the Temple Of Miracles church.  Not even a year ago Emmanuel was busted kissing Elder Micheal Cruchfield of Washington, D.C.  Obnoxious Media has not been able to determine if the church is an a congregation that is accepting of same gender loving people, but they must be if they are installing a man that has been caught in a very public love affair with a married man has landed on his feet as a pastor of a church.  Although he was not appointed to pastor the church that his deceased father lead.  Emmanuel has landed on his feet and got his wish to lead a congregation.  

 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Readers, Fans, Followers, and even Haters to say I am behind is an understatement. Please forgive me due to extensive travel and filming a reality show I have just gotten terribly behind on my posting to this amazing blog I created.

Well back to the story! Over the weekend early one morning my cell rang while I was in Vegas covering the Floyd Mayweather fight. Of course it was a dedicated member of my Obnoxious Street Committee with so information. He started out asking me if I was interested in some good church gossip. Now my reply was of course, but quickly I was disappointed it was not involving a pastor of a mega church, gospel artist or person of note.

He stated he had gotten a hold of a photo of two elders kissing.


Elder Micheal Cruchfield getting out of the shower

During the early church it was not uncommon for men to greet their brother with a Holy Kiss and nothing thought of it and in Africa men walk and hold hands to this day. So what was the big deal.

Now I, Sir William G. McCray, III aka Mr. Obnoxious, was told the two men in the photo kissing and what looks to be like tongue kissing each other. The men allegedly are Elder Emmanuel Richardson on the left in the orange tie and Elder Micheal Crutchfield on the right.

 According to my informant the photo was actually a selfiy taken by Elder Crutchfield of his kissing Elder Richardson good-bye after they had spent some quality time together that day. It seems Elder Richardson, who is a flight attendant, was in DC to spend some quality time with Elder Crutchfield and attend a church convention. Due to it being the last day of Richardson’s trip and the last time they would see each other for a minute Crutchfield wanted a photo.

The two men is said to have had a three to four month relationship that recently ended due to the long distance.

 Emmanuel is said to have grown weary of Micheal’s demands for home to always travel to DC, where he lives for the two of them to spend time together due to his being married and having a child. Emmanuel just could not deal with always bring the one to make the sacrifice for the two of them to spend time together even if he is a flight attendant and flys free. He recently has been appointed pastor of a church and had taken on a great deal more responsibility.

 This looks like it possibly was a photo taken of Elder Micheal Cruchfield and his wife Keri with him wearing same hat as the man in the photo that is kissing the man that looks a great deal like Elder Emmanuel Richardson.

 Allegedly Michael Crutchfield is married to a woman but the name of Keri, who according to her Facebook page is a fashion stylist based in DC. The couple are good friends if the former COGIC Sweethearts The Loftons.

Obnoxious Media is not saying anything about this kiss, but will allow you our readers to be the judge. What say you?