Bishop Larry Trotter Alleged Spiritual Son Jayles Lewis Garrett Threatens Mr. Obnoxious On Social Media After His Advances Were Turned Down

Posted on September 1, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……It is not often that I take the time out of my jammed packed schedule to discuss someone that is not famous but recently I was confronted with an issue that warranted my immediate attention. Because we live in a time where technology is so easily accessible and can be misused or abused to quickly destroy a mans’ good name in seconds.

Often you will read In my column or in my blog about a person that has attempted to or has taken advantage of a child that should be punished, but for the first time in life Mr. Obnoxious has experienced the advances of a young, dangerous, sexually confused 20 year old man. Four days ago late that evening a in-box message was sent to me that warned me not to attend the Holy Convocation in St. Louis this November or I would be attacked by Jayles Lewis Garrett claiming to be a Spritual Son of Bishop Larry Trotter.  Hopefully this is not a Bishop Trick Daddy Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Long type of relationship! 

As a well known media figure it is not uncommon for me, Mr. Obnoxious to have fans and followers of my career and because I speak so candidly about issues and topics most people avoid I have a great deal of admirers and haters. However this one young man seemed a bit strange. After a few direct messages on the social networking site it and a great number of compliments of my great sence of style and fashion it was clear that Jayles had something else in mind. The obviously sexually confused young man was making advances at me that went completely ignored. It has always been the desire of Obnoxious Media to entertain and educate. Never has this amazing career been used to be the object of someone’s sexual desire or to use it to have someone become a sexual object of Mr. Obnoxious.  However, he used that was a ploy to get me to respond to him so he could threaten to attack me.

This sexually confused young man that is living with the desires for men while in an enviourment, the Black Church that says it is wrong and trying fufil the burning lust of his freaky sexual appetite for men. Once he was avoided he made a weak attempt to lash out on the social networking site to attack me and my character and threaten to jump on me so he decided to tell you just who he is and for men to beware.  Jayles Lewis Garrett will try to use God and his desire to study and learn more about ministry as a way to get close to you for some serious other motives. He lives in Chicago, Illinois while I have been in New York on business I had to face this foolishness.  I and members of my staff tired countless times to reach out to Bishop Larry Trotter to see if he could provide some guidance to this troubled young man, but our calls were not returned.  Even Twitter was used, but still no response so it was necessary   shared on my platform that Jayles seems to be a mentally disturbed young man that is seeking attention, but really is in need of some medical attention.  Jayles made many attempts to meet me that all have been turned down and he seems to be a stalker. This must have angered Jayles greatly because he began to use that same site to attack me publicly, which before was a tool for his advances.

Read Bishop Larry Trotter’s official response denouncing any association with Jayles Lewis Garrett below:


Thanks to a reader of my blog we have discovered he has no credibility and has been arrested for lying to the police.  Read and view his mugshot below:


COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE — A Woodlawn teen was taken to jail instead of his house after calling 911 with a false report of a robbery in hopes of hitching a ride home with police, authorities said.

Jayles Garrett, 18, was apparently tired of waiting for the bus at a CTA stop in the 2300 block of East 67th Street Sunday when he asked a Chicago police officer for a ride home, according to a police report.
The officer was en route to a call, so he told Garrett to call a cab and left, according to the report.
A short time later, Garrett called 911 and reported that he’d just been robbed by three men, the report said. The same police officer returned to the scene and determined that Garrett made up the robbery story because he wanted a ride home.
When Garrett learned he would be charged with making a false report, he told the officer, “I’m sorry. I just really wanted a ride home,” police said.
Garrett, of the 6500 block of South Rhodes Avenue, appeared briefly in court on Monday.
He has no apparent criminal record and works at a South Side church, his public defender said.
His bail amount was not immediately available.