Prophet Kenneth C. Sparks Severing Five Years In A Texas Prison For Child Moleststion 

Posted on August 29, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets Drug Dealers And Killers Strike Again…….This is the story of another preacher biting the dust.  Prophet Kenny Sparks like reads better then most movie scripts.  This man seems to have done it all from being married no telling how many times to father of six kids and counting to sleeping with his live in nanny and she having to hosting concerts and stealing all the money and leaving out the back door.  Let me not forget his driving across country in a stolen Bentley.  However, it seems that all of his bad deeds have finally caught up with him and the so called prophet is in a Texas prison.  Obnoxious Street Committee Members have informed us a good while ago that Prophet Keeny Sparks is prison for some type of alleged sexual misconduct with a minor.  Now we knew a great deal about Sparks and his not so Christ-like ways, but we did not know he enjoyed sex with teenagers. 

Kenny Sparks has been known to be a scam artist and even can on Obnoxious Radio to share how he was robbed at a church in Flordia.  Sparks shared how he was stripped to his underwear and jumped by a woman’s sons for challenging her to give.  The next night she demanded her money back or he was going to get beat.  Well, Kenny took a old fashioned ass whipping rather then give a dime back of the money.  Now we have a mugshot and charges that he was convicted of in Texas.  Prophet Sparks has a Prison Ministry now and seems he will be there for sometime.  It was a day when this man was chaffered in a limousine and lived in a mansion, his wife wore nothing, but St. John while he traveled the country preaching and prophesying to living in a Red Roof Inn in Texas.  One of his famous lines is, “If I tell you a duck is a truck then hook it up!”  Let me not forget, “I can look through muddy water and see dry land!”  Now in prison he lefts up his eyes.