Tyrese Pays For A Brother To Attend Morehouse College

Posted on August 18, 2015


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This is one for you all that say I never write about anything positive.  Tyrese is doing some good and he is helping a brother attend Morehouse College.  Thank God for Oprah and my scholarship because I might not would have made it.

Tyrese is sharing his blessings in one of the best ways: helping a man further his education.

The Compton man shared his story via an Instagram post in which he thanked the singer for helping finance his Morehouse College tuition which he says costs around 45K-50K annually.
“Annually, Morehouse is around 45k-50k and as you can imagine, that is a lot of money. I thank God for placing @tyrese in my life. It is because of him believing in me and investing in my future, that I am able to receive my education…I want to thank @tyrese for giving me the opportunity to be pursue my academic and career endeavors at Morehouse College.” wrote Zo.