Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) General Supervisor Of Women Mother Willie Mae Rivers Grandson Derrick Hutchins Busted In An Alleaged Extra Marital Affair 

Posted on August 13, 2015



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Everything going down but the word of God……..This is the story of like father like son.  Obnoxious Street Committee members reported several weeks ago that the son of Supt. Derrick W. Hutchins, Sr., Pastor Derrick W. Hutchins II has been allegedly acting just like his father. It seems like yesterday when we were in Los Angeles for the Women’s Convention when rumors were flying that Varnice, Derrick’s mother had gone to Cheaters to bust her ex-husband in his affair that resulted in a bastard baby being born.  You got got it right Derrick senior has a bastard child younger then his grandchildren.  A member of Victorious Believer’s Ministry Church of God In Christ in Columbia, SC posted on Facebook a disturbing message stating that she was no longer a member of Victorious Believer’s Ministry because her pastor Derrick W. Hutchins II was a liar and a cheater. 

 She goes on to say that her pastor (Derrick W. Hutchins, II) has been allegedly sexually involved with one of his Missionaries (Angela Robinson) since February and that he fake apologized to his church just before the International AIM Convention of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC). It was also reported that his members wanted him removed from the church as pastor. While we were in Tampa, Florida we were looking for Pastor Derrick Hutchins II to be present at the convention especially since he plays a key roll in the International Evangelist Department and presently serves the Executive Board for the General Council of Pastors & Elders for the COGIC. While in Tampa, Florida my staff reached out to him to see if he was coming to the AIM Convention and he told them he would not be there this time. We further asked him the hard questions as it relates to his church not wanting him as pastor, about the extra marital affair his members reportedly found him in. HE said and I quote, “this was all untrue.”  Obnoxious Street Committee Members also heard allegedly there is a video that Missionary Angela Robinson record in he phone of Pastor Derrick W. Hutchins II clearly having oral sex with his member. We also understand that in making this video of their sexual encounter her intent was not to use the highly explicit video bring him to an open shame,mbut somehow it is rumored to have been leaked.

Above a post from the Alleaged woman he was caught having an affair!


Photo of Derrick and his wife during happier times below:

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