Orrin And Medina Pullings Allegedly The Victims Of A Hate Crime Or Was It All A PR Stunt To Remain Relevant  

Posted on July 30, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……On yesterday evening, after teaching and a special prayer meeting for our brothers and sisters in Charleston, SC a white male approached our church with a weapon we thought was a machete. He began yelling obscenities and racial epithets while threatening to kill all the niggers at the church. Upon alert, we locked down the church to keep the assailant outside and to keep our parishioners safe. At this point, he began banging on the doors and windows, continuing to threaten myself, other parishioners and all of the “niggers” present.

We are fortunate to employ off-duty officers from the City of Richmond Police Department each time we have a service. One of our officers then approached the suspect with her weapon drawn and asked him to drop the weapon. These warnings were ignored until backup arrived at which that point, the suspect threw his weapon into a nearby bush.
It was some of these same officers that they employ that was used to try and get a warrn et aganist me for extortion.  Funny thing is how do you try to entrap a person by offering them money to not report negative information.  It is great the no one was hurt, but we know first hand that Orrin Pullings can stretch the truth at best.  Not clear why someone would single him out or it could have been someone he had previous beef with because according to the number of people that have contacted Obnoxious Media that do not have very nice things to say about the bishop and his wife.  Pullings comi ated with my pastor that he would take the negative report on me down from the blog he created using my name Obnoxious, but he never kept his word.  Regreatably we removed the story about the rumors of Orrin Pullings being involved in a homosexual relationship with one of the bishops in his so called organization.  The bishop who for some reason wife divorced never once objected to the story or the content.  So we have serious doubts about this so called hate crime.  Ask Demetrius Sengal about his dealing witht this man.  Orrin is the so called Man of God that told me he was going to destroy my life no ,after what it took.  So to say he was a victim of a hate crime is highly questionable from a man that has no integrity.  Orrin and his wife seem to be fighting to remain relevant at all cost.

The suspect was apprehended and taken to a mental facility to be further evaluated. Unfortunately, it appears that threatening to kill people with a weapon and using racial epithets is not a crime in the state of Virginia so the assailant will not be charged with a crime, instead released back into the general public after his 72 hour evaluation.

We thank you all for your prayers and well wishes during this time. Continue to pray for us as we try to get change enacted in the state of Virginia. Threats to lives should be taken seriously, regardless of your mental state. One life that may have been lost in our church family due to a sane or insane person, would have been one life too many.
This is a photo of me and one of our Richmond Police Department officers that has been working at our church for more than 9 years. I am thankful for her many years of service at our church and for other instances in which she is protecting our lives.

Medina Pullings and I and the United Nations International Church Fellowship family of Va are very thankful to God for his divine protection.