Ladies Will You Ask A Man To Marry You?

Posted on July 29, 2015



Obnoxious Extreme Ratchet Behavior Exposed……Personally, I’m still shocked from the day Chrissy proposed to Jim Jones in front of her friends and his family. In case you forgot, Chrissy took the stage, grabbed a microphone and crouched down as she asked her longtime boyfriend, rapper Jim Jones to marry her. She opened the ring box and Jimmy smiled before saying, “I’m with you.”

Ladies be certain that if a man wants you he will ask you to marry him and if he has not it is because he does not want you.  Clearly, these women have become so desperate they are now getting down on one knee to ask men to marry them that obviously do not give a damn about them in the first place.  It was so embarrassing to see Chrissy humiliated on national television to have Jimmy tell her I am with you.  If he thought enough of her he would have asked her, but she was so desperate she begged him for his hand and he could not even lie and say I Do, but instead he responds I am with you.

Not “yes, I’ll marry you.”
“I’m with you.”
Three years, Jimmy is still with Chrissy; but as far as we know, the two still aren’t married.
I still cringe thinking about that reality tv moment. And even though I had never considered proposing to a man, I promised myself that that would nevah be me.
This week you may have seen the viral image of a woman, down on bended knee proposing to her man.
We don’t know anything about the couple. We just see the picture and know it’s being reported as a proposal. And once again, the question of women proposing to men came to the forefront of social discussion.
I’ve evolved a little bit. I decided that the only way I would propose to a man is if he proposed to me first and I said no. If we stayed together, the next time around I would ask him. Just so he knows I’m ready.

In this day in age, with shifting gender roles and people feeling comfortable in expressing their true thoughts and desires, I don’t see a problem with women asking men to marry them. Still, I’m forever cool on that getting down on one knee part. Women are placed in lower, subservient positions everyday in society, no need for all of that in a loving relationship. But if a woman feels like that’s what she has to do (and she’s sure her man will say yes and actually follow through with a wedding), then do you boo boo.
I have to admit that there is something a little off putting about a woman always being the one waiting for a man to make a decision that will ultimately impact both of their lives equally.

What do you think about women proposing to men? Is it something you could see yourself doing in a relationship?