Pedophile Member The Black Pope Jackass Jakes Dever Church Staff Busted!

Posted on July 15, 2015


 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets Drug Dealers And Killers Strie Again……It is obvious that The Black Pope (Jackass Jakes) does not have the Holy Ghost or any discernment.  Jakes wrote a book on entire Instinct, but he has none obviously.  Constantly people that are associated with him get caught in scandal including his son Jermaine, who was busted for masturbating in a public park while trying to entice a male plain clothed police office.  His daughter Sarah has claimed her NFL football player ex-husband physically abused her and now she has married a man almost old as her daddy to countless others.  Juanita Bynum, Paula White, Jamal Harrasion Bryant, Dr. Jazz all have been in scandal.  Jakes, who does not have the statesmanship of a Baptist Preacher seems to give his blessing to people that fall short.  The Bible says how can two walk together except they agree.  We know a lot about Jakes based upon his company.  Now he has a pedophile as a one of his preachers at his Denver location.  This is going to cost him a hunk and a chuck to make this one go away!  The details are below: 

 A former Denver church official accused of sexually assaulting an underage girl he met at the church has been arrested in Texas on a warrant obtained by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.

Leroy Alexander Lowe, 50, was arrested June 18 by the Arlington Police Department on a warrant containing the investigative charges of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, sexual exploitation of a child and child enticement, according to Arapahoe County Undersheriff Louie Perea.
Lowe was an executive coordinator at The Potter’s House church at at 9495 E. Florida Ave., a source told reporters.

He remains in the Tarrant County Corrections Center in Texas on $50,000 bond.
“At this point we’re seeking extradition back to Colorado,” Undersheriff Perea told reporters.

Perea said the alleged child sex crime was reported to the sheriff’s office in February and an investigation was launched.
Lowe had been an official at The Potter’s House and met the alleged victim through the church, Perea said.
“He had left the church and moved to Texas,” the undersheriff added.
The Potter’s House of Denver issued this statement Thursday evening:
“As soon as we learned about the alleged incident, we were horrified and deeply saddened; we reported all information to the police and took all necessary precautions to ensure our beloved church members and our staff was safe from any potential harm. This included immediate suspension of Lowe, his removal from the premises and banning from all church activities. Beyond that, we submitted all requested documents to the police. We have zero tolerance for any disrespectful, dishonest and illegal behavior. We trust our justice system will determine the best action for this incident. Our prayer is that all families affected by this situation will receive privacy during this time.”
Public records indicate Lowe had lived in both Arlington and DeSoto, Texas before moving to Denver.