Gospel Artist And Pastor Kim Burrell Alleged Half Brother Openly Exposses Elder Julius Burrell As His Deadbeat Dad Birth Certificate Inside

Posted on June 28, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well,mot seems that social media is the place for confession and declaration.  According to a mystery text message from a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee Gospel Artist and Pastor Kim Burrell might have a half brother.  It seems that Erick Burrell was not very please to see a post on Kim’s page of a photo with her and her father stating how wonderful of a man he is and great father.  We have been down this road in the past many times and in fact Bishop Paul Morton confessed to his congregation that what was stated here on Obnoxious about his first born.  

 Kim Burrell recently resigned as Vice President of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) International Music Department due to her music career and church obligations.  Obnoxious Media never posted the story due to it seemly having little to no excitement and Kim and Judy parting on positive terms.  In fact Kim will be at Essance Music Festival next week instead of COGIC’s Auxiliaries In Ministry Convention.  Wonder where will Erick be attending for the week?  Born and reared COGIC, but obviously has a lot of hidden secrets to reveal in his upcoming book.  Erick was also a member of Evanglist Temple COGIC where Bishop Rufus Kyles was the pastor until recently.

Just in!  Read the e-mail Erick just sent me below:

Hi William, I was born and raised in Houston, TX now pretty much for MOST of my life I’ve known that (quote) Bishop Julius Burrell is my father. Now Kathy, Kim, Dewayne, and Julius Jr. Burrell are the children he claims and I’m the only one he hasn’t claimed for what reason (that you will have to wait for when my book comes out). Now trust me The Burrells are fully aware that I exsist ESPECIALLY considering I sat with them during Kim Burrells live recording in Memphis,TN back in 2000. I also sat with the family during Kim’s wedding. Now to say my relationship with Julius is strained is an understatement (Kim and Kathy had one request….Erick Julius needs to acknowledge you in front on all of us)…..JULIUS TOLD ME NEITHER YOU, KIM , NOR KATHY CAN MAKE ME DO ANYTHING I CHOOSE NOT TO DO!!!! (AS IF I ASKED TO BE HERE) I was hurt to say the least (that was the last time he and I spoke and that was in 2001). Now how do you call yourself a MAN OF GOD AND DENY SEED THAT YOU SHOWN HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT ONE CHILD AND IGNORE ANOTHER AND SLEEP AT NIGHT (I DONT GET IT). The things that have been said and done to me down through the years BY JULIUS AND THE BURRELLS are unforgettable and unforgivable but I’ve forgiven them and moved on. These preachers can’t continue to bust a nut in these women make a LIFE and forget that THEY MADE A LIFE. Julius has NEVER SUPPORTED ME OR MY MOTHER he acts as if I don’t even exist but supports Kim and Kathy.I’ve reached out to JULIUS AND MY 2 SISTERS Kathy and Kim ONLY TO GET SPIT IN THE FACE…. I’ve tried to commit suicide 3 times in my life (that failed BECAUSE OF GOD) I almost self destructed because I wanted the same love of a Father that Kim and Kathy were receiving and the broken PROMISES AND LIES (THE BOOK WILL REVEAL ALL). In closing people are not always what they seem to be and you can ONLY HIDE THE TRUTH FOR SO LONG BEFORE YOU’RE EXPOSED GOD WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO HURT PEOPLE AND LET YOU GET AWAY WITH IT KARMA IS REAL AS GOD AND NEITHER WILL BE DENIED!!!! Erick Burrell !!!!!? BTW I DO HAVE PICTURES AND A BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!!


 Now it would be nice if Elder Burrell and Erick, if he is his son could develop some type of relationship.  Healing and forgiveness are important Christian principles that cannot be overlooked even in this instance.  It remains to be seen if Kim and her father will embrace Erick or will they use this open confession to ridicule and distance themselves from him.  Kim has often spoken out against homosexuality and from Erick’s rainbow Facebook picture he is openly gay.  This is going to be intresting to say the least!  Obnoxious Media would like to know if he attempted to reach out before doing so on social media?

However, we will be following this story and sharing it with you as it develops!