Church Of GodIn Christ (COGIC) Bishop Larry Shaw Writes Letter Advocating For Pastors To Carry Guns During Service

Posted on June 27, 2015


 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God…….It seems that the Secretary Of The Church Of God In Christ Borad Of Bishops has written a letter to all the Bishops in the church advocating for pastors to carry guns in church for protection.  Bishop Larry Shaw might have not thought this through considering that some people would not be able to keep thier temper and would result in someone getting hurt or killed in more of our churches.  Read his letter below:

On Jun 18, 2015, at 10:46 PM, Larry Shaw <> wrote:

In light of the recent tragedy of a simple Bible study turning into a massacre, the pastor and the shepherd getting unmercilously slaughtered and (9) nine helpless bible study attendees didnt have a chance to get out of harms way, the church is seeking answers to some hard questions.
1) Is it time for the Church to address whether we as pastors, Bishops and Religious leaders should take up arms, carry weapons, or take up marshall arts to at least protect our unsuspecting congregations against simular events? Are you prepared for this kind of situation at your local church?
2) Notwithstanding there are Preachers packing (secretly carrying weapons-registered and non-registered) within our great Church (the grand ole Church of God In Christ). Is it time to have a National conversation regarding Preachers, guns and holding your pieace… (which piece?) There are preachers carrying weapons even in official Business meetings of the Church of God In Christ.
3) There are some who say that there will be more copy -cat crimes of this nature happening within our church. Would it had been better for the Pastor to have been trained or prepared for this eventuality? These are the times we are living in. Preachers are reluctant to admit that many have begun to take up target practice.
In the wake of this horrific tragedy, many of us believe that COGIC needs to revisit our stance on
The Bible, Bullets and Guns
Should Holiness Preachers Pack a weapon

Or just leave it up to those who can afford a security team?

Pleaase feel free to share your thoughts regarding this very important matter. Send me your respondses. Your opinions are very confidential and your names will not be shared with anyone.
Let me hear from you on this subject soon.
Your Brother in Christ