Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Bishop Felton Matthew Smith Arrested!  Arrest Warrant And Promissory Note

Posted on June 24, 2015



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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……At times this job is most difficult and this is one of those times.  Obnoxious Media hates to report Church of God In Chirst (COGIC) Bishop Felton Matthew Smith has been arrested.  We are still working to get details on the bishop’s arrest and details of his bond.  However, at this time we do know that Bishop Smith was arrested and allegedly charged with money laundering and racketeering.  The details surrounding his being detained are still coming in.

Calls to Bishop Smith have yet to be returned.  Keep your eyes on the blog for details!

Update as of 6:30am June 25, 2015!

On Friday, June 12th, 2015 the Bishop Felton M. Smith, Jr. was taken into custody by federal agents alleging Money laundering, and Racketerring federal level charges. His bail was set at $250,000.00. The General Board of the Church of God In Christ has allocated time to review the situation in the International AIM convention in July 2015. Bishop Smith has since posted bail and has been out preaching funerals and conducting church business as if nothing happened, but this cover up behavior didn’t just start yesterday. Apparently Bishop Smith has developed a reputation in the church of always presenting get rich quick ponzi schemes. He is widely noted for swindling people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Making large loan with colleagues that he didn’t have the ability to pay. When one of our committee members spoke to some of his adjutants we learned that they were not surprised at the recent arrest. They explained, that Bishop Smith has had dealing with questionable under world people for a long time. They continue to explain that Memphis Headquarters of the COGIC knew about him for many years but never had the evidence need to do something about him. They kept on explaining that presently it appeared as thought thing for Bishop Smith was going done hill quick. So much so that he had been asking his on adjutants to pay for plain tickets here and there because he couldn’t afford to get his tickets. Bishop Smith owed a lot of people big money. Bishop Chandler David Owens made it clear that Smith got him for $75,000. 

Now only time will reveal Bishop Felton M. Smith’s fate. These are very serious federal charges and it’s going to be hard to shake. He could be looking at 15 years to Life, losing his Jurisdiction, church and being away from his wife Lady Connie Smith along time. 
Read a note sent to me by a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee below:

Mr Obnoxious:

We are disturbed to hear of the recent news about Bishop Felton Smith, especially since he was just in our area preaching the funeral of Supt. Johnnie Q. Edwards who is the former Admjn. Asst. to the late General Board Member Bishop LeRoy Anderson, and the father of current Int’l Music Dept CEO Cynthia Benning. He even gave strong words to the family concerning their family bickering. Also the Int’l Music Department President Dr. McAllister was here in support of her staff member and stated that Bishop Smith is her Pastor. All of this is strange to me and concerns my spirit.  The funeral was in Buffalo, NY as part of Bishop Ronald Hoston Jurisdiction.

Bishop Felton Matthew Smith responds to Obnoxious Media below:

No; it was a miscommunication in the system about failure to appear in court on a matter where I was tried in conjunction with a pastor under my charge on the deep pocket theory ! I processed in& out without needing bail because the issue of church property lose ! It’s completely resolved; I know erroneoun the deep pocket theory ! I processed in& out without needing bail because the issue of church property lose ! It’s completely resolved; I know erroneous info is out about being involved in some kind of scheme; nothing is further from the truth ! Got all the documentation to the contraryGive your email & I’ll send something tomorrow ! I’m presently at a summit/scholars conference at the University Of Notre Dame till FridayI dodged their attempts to enforce it 3 different times in favor of working out the agreed promissory note which in time I negotiated from the 200 plus thousand down to 15 thousand days before the arrest ! Their attorney hit the ceiling & tried to get the original amount plus court cost & attorney fees; he pushed them to change the deal & ordered my arrest that the judge had no knowledge of because it was an earlier warrant ; while I was trying to work out terms the sheriff in my county had to executed it ! Once the judge was made aware of the situation I was already in Shelby county; the judge called the attorney to tell him work out the agreement & I would be released immediately afterwards, which is what happened ! My wife drove to MEMPHIS with a cashiers check made out to the law firm on behalf of American Properties and as soon as they received the money the judge ordered my release with apology & said that wasn’t supposed to happen ! That’s it; pure & simple !I sensed your genuineness & therefore tendered info that’s otherwise privileged ! Really wasn’t in the mood to discuss it with anyone ; was trying to help a spiritual son who’s wife has 4th stage cancer & fighting for her life ! I was acting as a father not as a judger in this case; I ended up being sued because I was the Bishop & he filed bankruptcy ! Thank God it’s over; I can live past the unjustified criticism of my enemies ! I’ll let God judge & deal with them; I’m focused for the future; knowing that all things; good,bad & indifferent works for my good because I really do love the Lord ! Thanks for your love

Failure to appear in court when it snowed in Nashville and rendered a judgement against me as Bishop based on deep pocket theory; that’s it ! This had nothing to do with Darrin & no I was no where near him ! I hate the lies too; it was a big miscommunication where the attorney stopped the negotiation to pay a lesser amount & the bench warrant that previously existed was enforced without the judges knowledge who later apologized & issued my overnight release without bail or bond subject to full payment to the real estate company that wanted restitution from the pastor & church who filed bankruptcy ! I got all the documentation & receipts; I’ve never associated with criminal activities; no money laundering nor involved in a punjy scheme ! You know personally how lies spread like wildfire; all I ask is that the first thing that’s done is secure the facts before the negative publicity 

Bishop Felton Matthew Smith arrest warrant and promissory note below: