Lifetime’s Reality Show ‘Preach’ Has Been Cancelled 

Posted on June 18, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God…….UPDATE*** A new statement from Dr. Belinda Scott:

While the network said we had 500000 viewers or so, I am very grateful for those who supported us. The hateful comments about us and towards were noticed also. The most bitter words were directed at us as women. In this age where everyone is very careful to not offend anyone of any other race or lifestyle, people had no problem typing some of the most hateful sexist comments towards us. They loved the showed and I felt it could’ve been a great tool. Our church and my emails are full of ppl needing prayer for everything. I am truly encouraged that GREATER WILL MANIFEST.
Breaking News! Blogger EXCLUSIVE: The new reality show, “PREACH” has been pulled!

The internet and social media has given the PEOPLE a voice and they have spoken! Lifetime TV released a new show called Preach that explored the lives of four Prophetesses (Prophetess Linda Roark, Dr. Belinda Scott, Dr. Taketa Williams and Prophetess Kelly Crews), along with their individual Proteges. 

Upon it’s release, a PETITION was put out to stop the airing of the show. Lifetime TV has heard the cry of the people and have pulled the show. We were informed today by a reliable source that Lifetime will re-edit the show and re-present it at a later time.
Dr. Belinda Scott made a public statement on her Facebook page regarding this turn of events: