Oscar de la Renta’s Black Son Cut Out Of His Father’s Will

Posted on June 12, 2015


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Wow! Imagine someone asking you who your dad is. And imagine you’re black and you say, Oscar de la Renta!

Now, imagine being laughed right out of town.

But then imagine getting the last laugh, because its true!

At least it is for 30-year-old Moises de la Renta, who the iconic designer adopted from an orphanage in their native Dominican Republic (Yes, O.d.l.R was born in the Dominican Republic) when the baby was only 24-hours old. The adoption took place following the death of de la Renta’s first wife, Françoise, who died of cancer.

But while everything may look all lovey-dovey between father and son in the photo above, as it turns out, Moises made daddy (who passed away last October at the age of 82) mad and now he may not be getting “anything to write home about” from his dad’s $26 million dollar estate.