13 Famous People You Will Be Shocked To Find Out Is Gay Or Bi-Sexual

Posted on June 12, 2015


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You think you know about all of the gay celebrities out there? These celebrities have secret gay pasts that were only revealed much later. Learn something and prepare to be blown away.

 Richard Pryor – He admitted in his book that he had a relationship with a transgender for two weeks then he wanted to get back to women.

 Katharine Hepbrun – Her family disputes the claims but many in Hollywood have asserted that she was a lesbian in the 30s and 40s.

 Little Richard – He admitted to having a gay relationship in the 60s but he’s been with plenty of women.

  Hugh Hefner – He said he had a male lover for a while back in the day, too.

 Malcolm X – According to the biography there is speculation he had a relationship with a white male benefactor. The evidence is sketch at best, though.

 Julius Caesar – He had plenty of gay partners growing up before he became emperor.

 James DeanJames Dean was known for having multiple secret gay lovers though he was a heartthrob to so many ladies.

 Cary Grant – He had an infamous gay relationship that scandalized Hollywood.

 Langston Hughes – There’s a huge debate, and some substantial “evidence” that Hughes had gay relationships in his day.

 Rock Hudson – He was one of Hollywood’s heartthrobs but a taped recording had him explaining his homosexuality.

 Clive Davis – He had a secret gay relationship he revealed later.

 Andy Dick – People assume he’s gay but he’s just someone who’s been with men in the past.

 Drew Barrymore – She had relationships with women in her past that she revealed later.