Music Producer For Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Tyler Perry, And ‘The Voice’ Roy Battle Busted For Sexing Teen Boys

Posted on June 6, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……BattleRoy better get his battle ax ready because he is in the fight of his life.  The former youth pastor for a large church in the suburbs of Rochester is said to be a pedophile.  The music producer for the likes of Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Tyler Perry movies, and The Voice is accused of liking to have late not sessions making more than music, but having teen boys hit soprano notes when he would allegedly drug them and sex’em.  

Obnoxious Media has been told that Roy Battle left New York four years ago when his music career began to take off or ws it due to this sandal that found him on the other side of the nation.  Either way he could not escape his pass and the young men from telling his dirty little secret.   Money just may be able to buy him some justice and it has for other in the pass, but this case remains to be seen.

A former Rochester native is accused of inappropriate sexual contact with male teens.

  Roy Battle, 36, now living in California, was indicted on first-degree sexual abuse, a felony. He allegedly had inappropriate sexual contact with two teenage boys between approximately 2005 and 2012, Rochester police said.
Police said the teens were members of a Rochester church youth group that Battle led. The investigation into Battle started in July 2014 when one of the teenagers alleged that Battle had sexual contact with him in Battle’s Glendale Park home, police said in a news release.
Since the investigation, police said, “multiple victims” have come forward who allegedly had “inappropriate sex from Battle through his work at their church.”
Police are looking for other victims and are asking them to contact Investigator Robert O’Shaughnessy at (585) 428-9379.