Golden State Warriors Win Game 1 Of The NBA Finals In Overtime 108 to 100

Posted on June 5, 2015


LeBron James so called going into beast mood might have been enough to cause the game to go into overtime, but not to win Game 1 of the NBA Finals!  The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 108 to 100 in overtime Thursday Night in Oakland.  
Many people were concerned about the Warriors stopping LeBron, as it that is possible, rather they closed in on his help and left him standing alone.  LeBron James had a great game leading score of the night with 44 points and came close to getting a victor in Oakland.  The Warriors got warmed up a little late, but managed to pull it out in OT.  The battle between the NBA’ to MVPs is officially on now.  Andre Iguodala was major in his assisting Curry get a win with Game 1 that is now under their belt Curry and the Golden Guys might have the confidence to become the champs.  

 Warriors Coach Steve Kerr talked about LeBron James being a great player and how it was obvious with his scoring 44 points.  Kerr emphasis was on picking a position and sticking to it.  So it was tough to stop him and no need to try, but Warriors closed in on his help and reminded the world basketball is a team sport.  Unable to do it alone the Warriors got the win.  Although, just about every short fired by James scored with his famous step back jump shots.  Still it was enough to beat Golden State.  

It was obvious that Golden State was not going to make the same mistakes the Atlanta Hawks did in the Eastern Conference Finals.  Golden State was able to reduce LeBron’s number of assist considerably.  King James left everything he had on the floor, but it was not enough and according to him it was due to several missed opportunities.  Now this was not just a one one or two shot win, but a eight point lead that clearly lives up to the fact that the Warriors are the best team in the league.

JR Smith said that playing the Warriors was not tougher then he he thought it would be prior to their loss.  He said they knew it was going to be tough to beat the Warriors, but they thought they would still get the win.  Now with one of their main go to guys possibly being out for the rest of the series Cleveland has their work cut out for them.  LeBron just could not seem to score during the overtime and looked as if he just ran out of gas.  

 Stephen Curry was at his A game, but the Warriors always seem to start off sluggish and allowed the Cavas to get a 14 point lead in the first quarter, which clearly looked like it was going to be a loss for Golden State in Game 1.  However, Warriors are going to have to secure the game sooner and playing strategy used all season might not prove to be a good idea for the rest of the series.  Pull a lead from the start and keep it rather than having to come from behind and fight to surpass the opponent.  

Watch clips of players during their talks with media in the locker room and press conferences below:

JR Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers Post Game 1 talk with the press in the Locker Room about their disappointing loss to the #GoldenState #Warriors
JR Smith Part 2
Matthew Dellavedova of the Cleveland Cavaliers Post Game 1 talk with the media in the Locker Room
Draymond Green of the #GoldenState #Warriors Post Game 1 talk with the media about their outstanding victory in overtime in the locker room.
William G. McCray III Klay Thompson of the #GoldenState #Warriors post Game 1 Press Conference

Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry of the #GoldenState #Warriors post Game 1 press conference

William G. McCray III Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry Part 2  
William G. McCray III LeBron James and Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers post Game 1 Press Conference on their disappointing loss.

June 4, 2015
Klay Thompson
Warriors – 108

Cavaliers – 100

Q. I know that you expected to play all along after the concussion last week. But you weren’t cleared until like Tuesday or so and maybe Wednesday. How did you feel tonight, and how do you think you played? 

KLAY THOMPSON: I thought I played well. I felt great, honestly. It’s obviously a dream to be here, and it was fun to embrace the moment. We all had nerves that first quarter, you could tell just how we were throwing the ball around. It was good to calm down and play our style of ball. Like I said, it just felt great to get the win.
Q. Obviously, it was a long game. How was the week off? Do you think‑‑ I know you needed it for your situation, but for both teams, do you think that it played a part maybe in fatigue? Maybe too much rest or threw guys out of sync? 

KLAY THOMPSON: I think we might have been rusty initially, but I think it was good for both teams just to get back healthy. Both teams have wounded players. For us to come out and play with the energy we did, I mean, that is the easiest, NBA Finals. But it was good for both teams to get the week off. Now we’re right back in the swing of things and it feels great.
Q. What makes it so difficult to cover, to defend Kyrie, and how much will it change this series if he can’t play or is limited by his injury? 

KLAY THOMPSON: Well, I mean, you saw how great he was on one knee. He’s an All‑NBA type of talent. He’s tough to guard because he can go both ways. He can finish with his right, his left, shoot the three, shoot the mid‑range, and just plays at his own pace. So he’s going to be a challenge for us. And I look forward to embracing the challenge of guarding him, and I think everybody does.
Q. Andre Iguodala wound up with the short straw defending LeBron for the last, seemed like, half hour. Talk about the difficulty in doing that, and what his greatest contributions were to you tonight? 

KLAY THOMPSON: Well, Andre, he’s one of the best defenders in the league, and obviously LeBron had a great game. But he made it so tough on him that last quarter and a half. He’s got long arms. He’s very active. Some of the best hands I’ve ever seen, and he did it on both ends. 

So that’s going to be pivotal in this series, is our bench play, and they played great tonight. We’re one of the deepest teams I’ve ever been on. That’s what we’re doing all year is just wearing on teams, and Andre was an example of that tonight. He played both ends like a champion, and really stepped up for us. And that’s what we expect for him. He’s such a great player.
Q. First of all, congratulations on the victory. Can you explain why it happened to be, again, the rough start, and the fact that you looked very bad in the beginning? 

KLAY THOMPSON: Wow. Don’t hold back (smiling). It might have just been nerves a little bit. Rushed my shot a little bit. It’s the biggest stage I’ve obviously been on.
Q. Not you personally. The team?

KLAY THOMPSON: That’s all right. I didn’t play well in the beginning, so that’s okay. 

We were just a little rusty. After the first six minutes I feel like we started moving the ball a lot better, and our bench unit did a great job establishing the ball movement and playing in a great flow, and we learned that from our starters on the bench, we saw how effective that was, and we did a better job of that. 

But we can’t come out Game 2 with the same‑‑ we can’t get down 14. We have to come out and play with a ton of fire and look at it as a must‑win, because that would be huge to go into Cleveland 2‑0?
Q. Being down 14 and then that foul was a 24‑7 run. Can you talk about how that really re‑energized the ballclub, and you were back in this game, and the cobwebs are gone, the eight days are behind us, and just the feeling that you had in the huddle coming back out after those timeouts? 

KLAY THOMPSON: Well, we’ve done a great job all year not panicking. We know how talented our roster is. We’ve been down 20, 25, we still come back and win. So we’re never out of it. And Steve told us, it’s going to be a long game, and he was right. We have plenty of opportunities to get back into it, and our bench did such a great job by coming back in and playing with great energy and increasing the tempo. 

So we went down 14, we didn’t panic. We came to the huddle, and we understood it’s going to be a long game, we’ve just got to take it a possession at a time. 
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June 4, 2015
LeBron James

Tristan Thompson
Warriors – 108

Cavaliers – 100

Q. LeBron, I wanted to ask you about your mindset on the final possession in regulation? You obviously made jumpers throughout the game, but you had great success getting in the paint. I was just wondering if you were anticipating a double coming, and you might have to give up the ball and not be able to take the last shot yourself? Is that why you shot a jumper? 

LEBRON JAMES: No, my mindset was we’re either going to go out of here with a win or going into overtime. I’m going to get the last shot. Actually, Shumpert was able to get another look at it, but I got to where I wanted to get, step back, made them before. We had our chances.
Q. In the overtime, what happened in the overtime? You got just two points? 

LEBRON JAMES: I mean, you just said it. We couldn’t get a good look. We couldn’t get nothing to drop, including myself. J.R. had a really good look on the three at one point, but they just ramped it up a little bit. They got to the free‑throw line, and we didn’t get it. I mean, we really only had zero points, and I got the lay‑up at the end, but that didn’t mean much because they did a good job closing it in overtime.
Q. Last time you guys lost in the playoffs was in Chicago Game 3, reeled off seven wins since then. Do you think you guys learned anything from that experience, and can you lean on it in this situation? 

LEBRON JAMES: Well, I mean, we had a lot of miscues tonight. I think they would say the same. We had a lot of breakdowns, a couple of transition threes they made that we kind of pinpointed on saying we don’t want to give those up. But at the end of the day, we gave ourselves a chance, man. I missed a tough one. But we had so many opportunities to win this game, and we didn’t. It’s up to us now to look at the film, watch and make some adjustments, what you need to do and be ready for Sunday.
Q. Up until that final minute, Kyrie had had such a good game. How tough was it to see him go down, and how concerned are you about him? 

LEBRON JAMES: It was very tough to see. I just see how hard he worked these last eight days just to get himself to play at this level tonight. Seeing him walk out of the locker room on crutches just now, that’s a tough blow for our team.
Q. Adding to that, LeBron, if Kyrie is limited at all and he can’t do what you need him to do, the bench numbers were so lopsided, do you have enough you can find without him? 

LEBRON JAMES: Well, I mean, it’s the next man up. If Kyrie can’t go, Delly’s number is going to be called and everyone else has to pick each other up. They outscored us 35‑9 on bench points. But, you know, we still had a chance to win. We had a few miscues defensively. Had a couple of turnovers offensively, but we were right there. Like I said, they just made a couple more plays than we made.
Q. Coach Blatt said that you had a great performance, obviously, 44 points. But the guys around you are going to need to be better. Your thoughts on how your teammate played tonight? 

LEBRON JAMES: We all have to be better, including myself. I don’t think I was great. I’ve got to do better things out on the floor to help us be more precise offensively. I’ve got to communicate a little bit more defensively to help our team get over the hump. 

It’s not about me. It’s not about the next guy. It’s about all of us. We have to‑‑ we’re going to watch the film and get better for Game 2.
Q. Was there a fatigue factor towards the end of the fourth quarter? 

LEBRON JAMES: What do you mean? 
Q. Were your guys getting tired? 

LEBRON JAMES: I mean, I think everyone was out there just playing through it, just trying to fight through it. Both teams have been off for so many days that fatigue may have set in. But both teams were fighting and both teams wanted to win really bad.
Q. Do you think the fact that you were in your beast mode in the last quarter sort of affected the other guys and they were expecting you to make the shots and win the game? 

LEBRON JAMES: Well, they expect for me to make plays. It’s nothing I did tonight. It’s nothing different than what I’ve been doing all postseason. That’s just been our game plan. Guys have been able to step up and make shots and make plays. So it has nothing to do about beast mode or whatever the case. It’s our game plan, and our game plan worked. We put ourselves in a position to win, we just didn’t come through.
Q. Tristan, 47 minutes tonight, maybe the most you’ve ever played in your career. Can you talk about the experience, but you still looked fresh down the stretch as well even during the difficult period over the last seven minutes of the game? 

TRISTAN THOMPSON: Just got to be prepared for whatever Coach wants me to do. Whether it’s playing 25 minutes, 35 minutes, I’ve just got to be able to come out and be productive and do my job, which is to defend, rebound, and play hard. 
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June 4, 2015
Stephen Curry

Andre Iguodala
Warriors – 108

Cavaliers – 100

Q. Andre, so often banging with LeBron for an extended period of time can take all your energy away at the offensive end. Somehow you seem to be energized by it. Can you explain what it was like, and how you even were able to make a one‑foot‑‑ one shoe off three‑pointer during the fourth quarter? 

ANDRE IGUODALA: Well, the adrenaline was flowing, but it was a nice flow. It wasn’t too high, and it kind of stayed with me the whole night. But we have a lot of bodies. A lot of guys we threw at LeBron tonight. He made some tough shots, and that’s what we’re going to try to do throughout the whole series is make him take tough shots. 

Just try to wear teams down, and that’s what we’ve done all year. When you get into a flow, as a kid, you play in socks. You play in socks all the time in your room, so you go back to those days and just playing ball.
Q. After seeing the good things and the bad things you guys did as a team tonight, what type of adjustments do you have to do before Game 2, specifically on LeBron James? This question is for both of you. 

STEPHEN CURRY: We’ve got to start the game better, get settled into the game a lot quicker than we did tonight. We only had 12 turnovers, but it seemed like there were some timely ones that killed a little bit of momentum for us, and we’ll look at that on film. 

But, I mean, over the course of the game I felt like we stuck to the game plan. LeBron’s going to dominate the ball and make plays. We have to just make it hard on him every possession. Don’t give him any easy buckets, and not let anybody else get a rhythm, and that’s what we’re going to try to do every game we play against them. 

Obviously, there are going to be adjustments here and there, and we’ll figure that out, but you’ve got to compete, and that is the bottom line.
Q. Steph, could you talk about when things go right what it was like in that overtime when things were just working for your team? I’m sure that’s the way you wanted the overtime to go? 

STEPHEN CURRY: Yeah, they only scored two points, and it was at the very end. Andre, Draymond, Klay, Harrison, Festus, when he was in there in that overtime period, all competed. We were kind of small and we had to defend the glass and rebound the ball. Everybody sacrificed their body and made it work. 

I think we just forced them into tough shots the whole overtime, and we were able to get stops with that lineup that we had. We were able to push in transition, get to the free‑throw line, which got some momentum on our side. It was just a classic five minutes that we needed to get that win.
Q. What’s it mean to win this first game and get off to the good start? You’re at home, and you want to win especially at home? 

STEPHEN CURRY: If we win every game at home we’ll be all right in the series, so that is a start. You have to come in ready to compete and kind of just, especially in the first game, kind of feel it out because it’s our fourth team we’re playing in the playoffs, and they’ve got a different style, and you’ve got to adjust, and we need to be able to do that.
Q. The first minute and a half in overtime nobody scored. You come down and twice draw fouls to get to the free‑throw line. I don’t think you shot a free throw at that point. Was that a calculated thing on your part to try to get those plays, get those calls and get to the line? 

STEPHEN CURRY: Yeah, just reading the situation. They had switched a couple pick‑and‑rolls, and you just go into your move and make a read, and thankfully he bit on the pump fake and I was able to kind of slow the game down and get to the free‑throw line. Did it again right after that. But after that, it all doesn’t work if we don’t get stops, so that’s what fuelled all of that.
Q. Steph, most of the game you guys were going single coverage on LeBron. Late you came in and helped and got that steal and went the other way. Was that a tactical thing? Were you told to wait until later for that, or was it a defensive audible on your part? 

STEPHEN CURRY: It was just a read. Andre had him bodied up at the free‑throw line, and they had made a pass and kind of short distance, so I didn’t have to run very far to get a hand in there. I got a deflection, but Andre chased it down. Used his length and speed to get to the ball, which I had no chance to get to it after I deflected it. 

He was the only one that had a chance to get it, and we were able to lock it down. He gets fouled, and we have control of the game at that point. So just a read that thankfully worked out.
Q. Could you talk about the last play of regulation when you had LeBron on the left post there and where he wound up shooting the ball? I would imagine that’s exactly where you want him to be in that situation. 

ANDRE IGUODALA: You would like to think that, but last year he beat us on a shot similar to that at home in the regular season. So you kind of get a feel for guys, what they want to do, and you want to make them take tough jump shots, but you don’t want to let them get into a good rhythm. 

I kind of knew what play he wanted to get into. Just going left, step back, and I was right there on him, and he was still able to get off the shot. So at that point you just want percentages to kick in and help you out.
Q. Is there an extra sense of anticipation, maybe even excitement when you go into a series knowing that the opponent’s best player is probably going to be your match‑up? 

ANDRE IGUODALA: I don’t know if it’s excitement. I’ve been in the league 11 years, and it’s always something interesting. My years in Philly, I always had to guard the best players, and then I had to try to create on offense as well. But it was always those nights when it was kind of‑‑ I shouldn’t say second‑tier, but those second‑tier guys that gave me problems because I’m so used to having so much energy on the defensive end guarding the elite guys. 

You play against other guys who are right underneath them and they seem to bite me a little bit. So pause. But it was just playing in the league a long time. Playing against a great player for a long time, you look forward to the match‑up. Not just because you’re in The Finals, but you’re playing against a great player.
Q. Follow‑up on that question, how do you prevent yourself from becoming depressed when he gets in that beast mode and just goes to the basket every single time? 

ANDRE IGUODALA: Well, I had a really good vet. I’ll never forget the information my vets gave me. Aaron McKie, when I was a rookie, he was walking me through it, because I was starting and guarding a lot of those guys. He always said make it hard for them. NBA is about scoring. You’ve got a lot of talented players, guys are going to score the points. You’ve got to get stops. The thing to do is make it hard for them. Don’t foul them. Make them take tough shots and the routes hard. He kind of just gave me the ins and outs of how to be a good defender in this league.
Q. During the overtime you guys caught on fire. Did Kyrie’s absence help that? 

STEPHEN CURRY: If I remember correctly he went out later in the overtime, so it was about three minutes where you were just out there playing and you have to adjust to his play making that he was doing all game. 

But at that point I felt like we had control of the overtime, and just about finishing out. So I don’t know if it had a huge impact or not.
Q. Where’s Riley? 

STEPHEN CURRY: She’s here. Don’t worry. She’s here.
Q. Will we see her again in The Finals press conferences? 


STEPHEN CURRY: I know. Probably, but who knows. 
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