Bishop Joseph Walker Will Soon Become The Presiding Bishop Of Full Gospel If It Survives: Sex Scandal Still A Thorn In His Side

Posted on June 4, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……A HUGE occasion is coming for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International! For those that still remember that end of your seat moment in 2013 when Bishop Paul S. Morton made the announcement of who would be the next Presiding Bishop over the Fellowship…Well, the time is upon us! In less than 2 months Bishop Joseph Walker III will take the International Presiding Bishop seat! It will be a moment in time for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship family as well as historic for the Body of Christ!  However, it remains to be seen if Full Gospel will still be around for Walker to have anything to preside over.  Questionable at best was his sandal that seem to go away with not real explanation.  Walker settled out of court, which implies he came up with some money to make the problem disappear.  As a member Omega Psi Phi did he live up to the name and have his way with those women as claimed in the lawsuit?  Ellis should have gotten the organization by right, but Morton overlooked him it is said due to his being from the Bahamas.  What happen to Clarance?  Why was he not considered?  Full Gospel, the Wanna-Be COGIC organization was only formed when Bishop Ford refused to let Paul come back to the Church Of God In Christ.  Paul Morton’s father was a COGIC bishop and his oldest brother now has the jurisdiction.  With less than 2000 churches nationally Full Gospel is fading fast.  Laced with a number of bishop with alternative lifestyles and piss poor organizational structure Full Gospel will be gone in five years or less!

 Bishop Joseph Warren Walker III is the pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, to Deacon Joseph and Rosa Walker.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern University, a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. He holds honorary doctorate degrees from Meharry Medical College and Southern University. Bishop Walker is also a member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity and the Kappa Kappa Psi band fraternity.  He is married to the former Dr. Stephaine Hale, who is an assistant professor of pediatrics and neonatology at Vanderbilt University. Both agree that their most joyous accomplishment to date has been the birth of their daughter, Jovanni Willow Walker, who was born in May 2012.


Allegedly, the following is a letter sent out by Full Gospel after Walker was named next leader below:

The fullness of the Holy Spirit, being filled with the Spirit, had absolutely nothing to do with the way in which the newest presiding bishop was elected.

Your actions are exactly like the traditional Missionary Baptist churches which are known for pastors going with multiple members in the congregation, taking the saints money, playing politics and using the flesh to make church decisions. You have made a mockery out of the church and I am embarrassed by your actions.

The entire service which led up to Bishop Walker’s election announcement spoke volumes about the true status of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. Out of all the speakers in the Body of Christ, Pastor Jamal Bryant was selected. He is known practicing womanizer. Next, Prophet Brian Carn said he had a word for the fellowship. He is also a known practicing womanizer.

Lastly the announcement came of Bishop Walker as the new presiding bishop.

Bishop Walker should not have even been in the running for the position based upon his ongoing issues. Any real man is embarrassed at another man taking his wife. It is not even logical to conclude that these men sued Bishop Walker for taking their wives just to file a lawsuit or to obtain money. The other lawsuits were dismissed only because too much time passed before the people involved obtained a lawyer. In legal terms this is called the statute of limitations.

For Bishop Walker’s loss of his first wife, I am so sorry. Related to how him and his second wife interact, which he has shared in public many times, this does not show wisdom. If he is still learning how to interact with his wife on an elementary level, then how is he even qualified to be a bishop?

Bishop Neil Ellis talked about the tension at the fellowship meeting being so thick you could feel it, related to him being considered for the presiding bishop role. This proves the other bishops were acting in the flesh versus being led by God. Bishop Clarence McClendon, who has had personal issues himself did the right thing by not asking to be considered for the role. Even if he has changed, it would look bad for the fellowship to have him in the top role.

Therefore it stands to reason that Bishop Walker did not see his even more recent personal problems in the same light. Instead he played politics and pushed to obtain the top position. This says as much about him and the bishops who voted for him, as it does for Bishop Ellis to bow out of the process. It is clear that Bishop Walker and those who voted for him were led by the flesh and personal gain.

Bishop Neil Ellis and Bishop Clarence McClendon are the only two people who showed any type of spirituality related to this situation. I am not writing this email due to supporting these two bishops for Bishop Walker’s role. Instead I am writing to let you know that a total lack of discernment or the Holy Spirit’s help was in place related to how this important decision was made.

Did money exchange hands or was it promised for people to vote for Bishop Walker? If money is involved you have learned well from your COGIC brethren. Did another candidate who wanted to live right/holy threaten the current lifestyle of the other bishops? How is this decision any different than those made by the Roman Catholic Church, traditional Baptist churches, COGIC or Congress?

This is clearly an ungodly, unwise and fleshly decision. I hope and pray that God will give you the time and space to turn from your ways and make Christ centered decisions in the future.

Grace and peace.