Grammy  Award Winning Gospel Artist LeAndria Johnson’s Husband Forrest Walker Petitioned Court Paternity Test To Prove He Is The Father

Posted on June 3, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……The child support saga between Anita Harrison and Forrest Walker, the husband of Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist and Pastor LeAndria Johnson, continues in a major court battle.  It seems that Forrest Walker petitioned the court for a DNA test to prove Anita’s daughter is his.  Now that the ball is back in Anita’s court she has yet to respond to Robert Hattcher, manager of LeAndria, who has been diligently working to get this matter resolved.  According to Hattcher, Anita has not taked her daughter to have the blood test.  However, she seems to still request child support.  

Anita Harrison must come forward and prove the child she is suing Forrest Walker in back child support is actually his.  LeAndria and Forrest are willing to accept the child and would like to have visitation rights if her husband is actually the father.  For the first time Robert Hattcher spoke with Obnoxious Media staff to bring clarity to this situation.  He stated that Anita has all of a sudden stopped responding to his calls and text messages, which she stated in her e-mail to Obnoxious Media.  Hopefully all parties can work together to resolve this matter and do what is best for the child and Anita needs to prove Forrest is actually the father of her daughter.

Read Anita Harrison’s latest e-mails to Obnoxious Media below:

Just an update, about to days after you reached out to me I received notice from the courts. He put in for a paternity test and deduction. We will be going to court on tomorrow. He still has not done anything. I also received a call and text from Robert asking for my address on last week. I did not respond.   

Just an update even though he’s the one who wanted to have the appearance at court once again he didn’t even show up for court He did call on the phone claiming he has no income he lives with his brother even though he has no brothers all he has is sisters I just don’t understand how being a pastor he could just lie the way that he do, I been Going back-and-forth for 3 years, and now he’s in the rear of $27,968. He just keep on lying.

I’m trying to find out what’s going on. I have a lady named Nan calling and texting me all day saying she can help me. She said she is my only friend and what do I want. I did not answer the phone the number is a New York number. Do you know her I don’t wont to talk to just anyone? She said in her text sending my story to a blog will not help. Also he still has not done anything.  

This is Why I need help getting my story out there. Forrest is lying back and forth, I want the world to know the truth. Forrest was to come to court two weeks ago and did not show up. He now owe nearly $30,000 in child support. Every month it goes up. Please help me get my story out, and him to tell the truth and pay up.    

Updated Court Documents below: