Does Getting Naked On Social Media Profile Pictures Really Det You Followers?

Posted on May 31, 2015



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Obnoxious Extreeme Ratchet Behavior Exposed!  Talking about doing whatever it takes to get followers on Social Media.  This unnamed woman is doing just that and then some.  You know how on Facebook pictures of people you may know pop up!  Well, this lady did and I must admit I had to take a peak at her profile.  Not so sure if I do not want her to give me guitar lessons or not, but she sure got my attention so her method worked.

Get naked and get followers!  Let’s face it Ratchet is in!  You must be classy with it,my it everyone likes a little nasty.  Be honest!  You feel more comfortable when you find out someone you know has same freaky thoughts you do from time to time!  LOL!  Face it we all like sex even if we are not supposed to be having it.  The good guys even have thought form time to time, but it is acting in them that gets you in trouble.  So what length will you go to get attention on social media?  Would talking all off be worth a few thousand people you do not know to follow you?  That same naked pic can be just the thing to hold you back on your job or even get you an unwanted advance from some weirdo you never met but that jacked off to your photo and now feels he has some type of connection to you.  

So what do you think of people you see dressed like this or excuse me not dressed at all for the entire world to see.  Makes you wonder what type of reaction you would get in person or if you would even care.  Talking a out less is more!  This chick took it to the next level.  Many of us get made and complain about people with bodies because ours is all over the place. Mit was not until loosing weight I developed a new level of respect for the gym rats with the bodies.  Damn!  Why I cannot work that hard or have as great self control and discipline as the dude with a six pack.  Yep!  I lied for years talking about I was happy being fat!  Hell no! I’m was not happy I was happy giving in to the fact I had not will power to change the house I lived in.  Now I am at my goal weight everything is better and especially the sex life or potential to have one.  Yes!  I am a church boy, but it is easy to live a Holy and Santified life when no one wants you.  However, when you have five numbers of people that want to get in the bed with you it is a little difficult holding the Blood Stained Banner!

So what is your verdict on sexy pics on social media and when you comment take a long look in the mirror and respond based upon what is looking back at you!