Obnoxious Report!  FunkyDineva Says Ashanti Reportedly Dating NFL Player Darnell Dockett, But Everyone From College Says He’s Gay

Posted on May 29, 2015


darnel dockett ashanti gay

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OMG!  My buddy FunkyDeniva got one of hottest post out today and ai had to share this one with my readers!  

Chile, this post is all kinds of messy, and I’m going to receive all kinds of phone calls about it, but whatever. Base model singer Ashanti is reportedly dating NFL player Darnell Dockett. Now look, I’m not one to gossip, so y’all ain’t heard this from me. I attended Florida State University (FSU) from 2001 – 2005. During that time, Darnell Docket was one of the star athletes on campus. Aside from being a star, he was also the talk of the union. From the moment I stepped foot on FSU’s campus, rumors of being gay plagued Darnell. Personally, I always wondered who started these rumors, and moreover, why so many people believed it. The campus folklore was that several chicks reported that he asked them could he screw them in the butt, and Darnell was known to have kept some fishy male company. I don’t know…

best celebrity tweeter2 5310The weird thing is, beyond undergrad, the rumors of being gay followed Dockett to the NFL. Think I’m lying? Just google “Darnell Dockett gay”. Chile if you want the real T, even the former quarterback of the FSU football team, and current insider for Fox Sports  Chris Rix, got on a radio show and spilled the T about Darnell and what the fellas in the locker room thought of him “There was always jokes about Darnell, and what his pr

There was always jokes about Darnell, and what his preference was in college, if I might. Because there was a few incidents of him hanging out with some dudes in the Union and some other stuff.” Mohr goes on to ask if other guys ever made fun of Dockett’s sexuality to his face, to which Rix replies, “Yes, they did. And he would get defensive at times, as most guys would. But let’s just say that there were a few stories of ‘Why is Darnell hanging out at this guy’s house or this guy’s dorm room?’” ~ Chris Rix

So y’all see, I ain’t making this sh!t up. Chile… No tea no shade, but I don’t see this relationship lasting long.