Golden State Warriors Win The NBA Western Conference Finals For a The First Time In 4 Decades

Posted on May 28, 2015


 Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest!  Golden State Warriors are headed to the NBA Finals for the first time in 40 years!  Wednesday night at home in front of a sea of golden t-shirts dawned by the loudest fans in the NBA the Warrios finished off the Houston Rockets with a 4-1 win.  

This playoffs has been some tough ball for the Warriors, but team Curry and the gang have managed to pull it out.  Curry with a fall on the Klay bleeding at the ear these gues were determin to make it by any means necessary.  James Harden was off tonight at best and seemed to have his spirit broken and has just not able to show up for his team Wednesday night in Oakland.  The Rockets on again off again playing was not what it was going to take to beat a team they had never gotten a win against thought the entire regular season.  

Three years after the Warriors made their move to Oakland from San Francisco they beat the Washington Bullets, now re-named the Wizzards.  ESPN’s Doris Burke did the honors and presented the trophy to the Golden State’s Golden Kid Stephen Curry.  Now it will be a match up of the NBA’s two MVPs.  Home court advantage belongs to the Warriors and without a doubt Stephen will make a older banged up LeBron James work to give his hometown of Cleveland a championship.  

 Even Jason Terry said he would like to see the Warriors win over LeBron due to personal reason that we all know the answer to first hand.  It seemed that the Warriors, the best team in the NBA, seemed to have forgotten how to play basketball in Game 4 or the guys just needed some rest.  So the Rockets stole one at home and got a win against Golden State for the fist time this season.  The underdog time that came back and took the Western Conference Finals spot from the Los Angles Clippers got to this stop just by the hair off their chinny chin chin (known as the beard).  

James Harden game was just off Wednesday night at best.  Only making two shots in 44 minutes was not what it would take to advance.  Plus he allowed the Warriors to get 13 turnovers.  Definitely this was not what it was going to take to make a fantasy happen a second time.  Klay Thompson showed up with a 20 point night.

Stephen Curry scored 26 points and the “Senator” Harrassion Barnes was right behind him with 24 points.  Festus Ezeli got up from the bench with 12 points.  Barnes started it was a huge moment three years ago he was drafted with Ezeli and Green and to be standing on the court with those men and headed to the Finals was a huge moment.  Even though JasonThe JetTerry has two championship rings and gained 16 points and Dwight Howard, who showed up a little to late with his 34 points was just to late for the Rockets to make a run.  

So no basketball until June 4th with Game 1 of the NBA Finals going down at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California does not even seem real.  Pinch me, I am dreaming moment for Oakland.   

Checkout game arrivals, one on one interviewes, post game press conferences, and my question for James Harden and Dwight Howard below:

Checkout my one on one with Jason “The Jet” Terry pre-game interview.

William G. McCray III #GoldenState #Warriors win the NBA Western Conference Finals
#GoldenState #Warriors go wild with the big win tonight!
William G. McCray III Jason Terry post game talk with the media in the locker room.

Checkout my one on one with Jason “The Jet” Terry post game. 
William G. McCray III Josh Smith talks to media post game in the locker room.

Checkout my one on one with Josh Smith post game. We talk next season, the Hawks, and this disappointing loss.
James Harden press conference post game. Listen to my question about his hitting Dwight in the head to comfort him after their disappointing loss.
William G. McCray III Harrison Barnes post game press conference and talk of the huge win for the Golden State Warriors!
William G. McCray III Andrew Bogut post game talk with the media in the locker room.

#GoldenState #Warriors #MVP Stephen Curry post game press conference and talk about the huge win, home court advantage, LeBron James, and making it to the finals for the first time in 40 years. Plus his cute daughter, Riley is back!

My post game question for Dwight was about James Harden comforting after the game with a tap on the head. He said when you loose you have to be there for your teammate  

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