Boy Scouts Of America And Girl Scouts Become Open To Homosexuality 

Posted on May 28, 2015


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 Many of you are just as shocked as I was to learn of the decisions of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America this past week.  The Boy Scouts of America has decided to life the ban on openly gay troop leaders and scouts.  As an Egale Scout and a member of the Order of the Arrow I recall my Troop 407 ha in to overcome a number of issues of racism.  It seemed that some of the Bay Area leaders in scouting hard a hard time accepting that at at the height of our tenure over 68 African American boys was excelling in a tradition that had not known or been obtained by black male youth.  Honestly speaking homosexuality has always been a reality of scouting,mBut it was more of a don’t ask don’t tell situation.  As a liberal in thought this is a bit much and not a healthy environment for youth.  The actual risk of increased liability seems to be to great.

To become a Egle Scout you have to earned a required number of merit badges, which are easily achieved during summer camp that can be as long as two weeks.  Parents might not be comfortable sending their son away with a openly gay man for two weeks.  Now just because a man is gay it does not mean that he is a peophile, but the increased ability to be introduced to a lifestyle they may have not ordinarily choose for themselves.  The jury is still out on if a man is born gay or introduced to the lifestyle by someone.  In no way am I saying that any organization should discriminate against any person,     However,  this is not the proper environment for this type of behavior and one lawsuit has the potential to dismantle scouting as we know it.
Additionally, to the Boy Scouts allowing openly homosexual troop leaders the Girl Scouts has taken it even a step further to allow boys that identify as girls to now join the organization.  The question then becomes is at what age is a boy able to determine his gender identity and is he able to make a life altering decision in their youth.  It can be argued with this new thought these two long time organizations should merge and become the Boy/Girl Scouts if you can have boys that think or feel they are girls and leadership that are openly gay.  As a Eagle Scout this is a sad day for me.