Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) 65th Women’s International Convention Starts Monday In Minneapolis  

Posted on May 25, 2015


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The 65th Annual International Women’s Convention of the Church Of God In Chirst will kick off Monday Night with a Memorial Day Gospel Concert.  Obnoxious Media was rather shocked to see one of the artist booked, but we are going to keep this post nice and positive.  

 The first COGIC Women’s Covention was 65 years ago in Los Angeles when a group of about 100 women came together for week of services.  Highlighting the women that work in ministry within the denomination.  Always highlighting a young woman and a seasoned mother along with Mother Rivers, the General Supervisor speaking and closed out by Bishop Charles Blake.  Although, it seems Mother Rivers has over ran her time and would be wise to retire to pass the torch to Dr. Barbara McCoo Lewis.  The church has to come up to continue to compete with organizations like the Links, 100 Black Women of America, and basic sororities to offer the ladies something to keep them interested and in attendance.

 This marks the first Women’s Convention since the passing of Mother Gertrude Young was born February 17, 1910 and passed September 8, 2014

Mother Gertrude Young, Supervisor Washington State Jurisdiction, National Executive Board Department of Women Chairperson and National Examining Board Department of Women Chairperson.

Mother Young was the Supervisor of Women for Washington State Jurisdiction for 50 years. She served 3 State Prelates, The late Bishop Van Goodlow, the late Bishop R.E. Altheimer, and the late Bishop T.L. Westbrook.
Mother Young served the COGIC International Women’s Department for nearly 40 years and was the Second Assistant General Supervisor of Women . The Sainted Mother Gertrude Young served as the Chairperson of the Executive Board and was the leading lady to institute and Chair, the Women’s International Convention Prayer Breakfast.
Mother Young was our queen, our jewel, a virtuous woman personified. Our state is overwhelmed with sadness, yet we are celebrating her countless years of earthly labor and now heavenly reward…,” said a member of the jurisdiction.

Read a breif history of the COGIC Women’s Department and Convention Highlights below:



Obnoxious Media wanted to take a moment to celebrate the beloved Clark Sisters, who are legendary.  The Clarks Sisters are forever embedded in the fabric of Gospel Music and proud members of the Church Of God In Christ.  As this coming week the church will highlight and celebrate women, it is in that same spirit we are mentioning this group of amazing women that are more then talented singers with gorgeous faces and sharp clothes.  They truly work and serve in ministry as noted in the photo below with them in the habits serving during Communion Service at their local church.  These Grammy Award winners truly live what they sing and preach about, which makes them a great inspiration to women and men.