Byron Allen Says We Have A White President In Black Face

Posted on May 25, 2015


byron allen (tmz screenshot)
Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest!  We all know comedian/entrepreneur/entertainment mogul Byron Allen is not shy about telling the world of his disdain for Rev. Al Sharpton primarily because of a Comcast business deal gone bad.

And we all know Sharpton is down with President Obama. So, could that be why Allen had no reservations for basically taking the president to task … and then some.

Saturday night, while speaking to a TMZ cameraman, Allen essentially called Obama an Uncle Tom, accusing him of not acting “like a black man.”

Allen, a major TV producer who often programs for minority audiences, said he was outraged Obama referred to the Baltimore rioters as “thugs.”

Allen warned Obama, “remember who you are,” telling him, “It’s OK to be President and a black man.”

And then Allen goes for the juggler, saying Obama is a “white President in black face.”

Hmm, we hope Byron Allen, who’s married to a white woman, is ready for the inevitable push back from Obama supporters/fans that’s surely coming.