Life Church Of God In Christ Pastor, Dr. Terence Merritt Blesses Preshana Price Cox Former Wife Of Disgraced COGIC Superintendent Timothy Cox With A Brand New Car

Posted on May 17, 2015



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 Obnoxious Report! Life Church Of God In Christ Pastor, Dr. Terrance Merritt bless a member with a car paid in full this morning.  In Atlanta former First Lady Preshana Price Cox was blessed beyond measure by her pastor.  Preshana has weathered a tremendous storm as the Ex-Wife of disgraced Superintendent Timothy A.C. Cox.  It seems that after the story of her husband being busted by the police while having sex in a park with another man proved all to much to stay in the marriage.  According to reports it was not the first time Tim had been busted.  The Late Bishop Chandler David Owens met with Tim and Preshana after Elder Jimmy Battles had come forward and exposed an eleven year relationship allegedly he had with Tim.

 Dr. Terrance Merritt, a Morehouse College graduate and former medical doctor, founded Life church after relocating to Atlanta from Washington, D.C. with an number of members from the Late Nathan Simmons church Life is on the move.  Merritt, recently inducted in to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Board of Preachers, offers enough of the traditional COGIC feel mixed with progressive church.  A great work with foreign missions, Merritt is the Superintendent of ten plus churches in Brazil.  It was wonderful that Merritt would be a blessing to Preshana especially after such a difficult time.

 Thanks to Mother Margret Moore’s Facebook status about this wonderful blessing Obnoxious Media learned of what wonderful act of kindness.  Checkout the photos and status update.  

Read the original post on when Superintendent Timothy Cox was arrested below:

COGIC Pastor Timothy A. Cox Busted For Public Indenency And Indecent Exposure With A Male Friend!

About four in the morning that an Atlanta Church Of God In Christ pastor was in Deklab County Jail for a shocking offense. District Superintendent and Pastor Timothy A. Cox was busted for public indecency and indecent exposure and the man that was with him was also arrest for he same two charges. The two men were busted after allegedly having some type of fun time in the car.
Now in all fairness to Tim and Marcus L. Williams, who was arrested along with Pastor Cox may not have been actually involved in a homosexual act, but could have just been naked and having prayer in the wee hours of the morning in the park. However, if you are not “Alicein Wonderland,” that is one story that you are not going to buy for a dollar at least not in 2012. According to the Obnoxious Street Committee rumor has it that Timothy left the home that he shares with his lawfully wedded wife to hang out with Maurice, who has recently began to frequent City of Refuge Family Worship Center, where Timothy Cox is the pastor.
According to Elder Cox who spoke to Mr. Obnoxious at his church on last Thursday in a exclusive meeting. Tim admitted that he and his friend were just hanging out and he was about to drop him off at his house, when Maurice suggested Tim pull in to this little secluded area. The citation that Tim showed Mr. Obnoxious said he was cited for being in the park after hours.
“Man it was nothing like that the cop was extremely homophobic and jumped to conclusions,” Tim shared through tears. “If I was going to sin I know how and it would not be in a car in the park.”
Obviously that was not they case due to both of these men having been taken into custody. The poor decision for Tim to tell his good friend that he could not smoke in his car might have been a huge mistake the Elder made. It seems that when Maurice got out of the car to enjoy a cigarette that brought heat to the two men and the police busted them (no pun intended). All of the facts will eventually come out in court. Tim vows he was not doing anything wrong or having sex and it was all a huge misunderstanding.
The pastor had an emergency meeting with his members on Thursday night to share the previous mentioned and preached this past Sunday as if he had not spent over 26 hours in jail. The details are not yet known and will possibly not be found out until his court date and of course Mr. Obnoxious will be there to report the truth of what actually happen and to get the police officers account of what he saw and just why he arrested the two men.
Now the saints of Central Georgia where not surprised by Tim’s behavior one bit due to the late Former Presiding Bishop Chandler David Owens outing him to the entire jurisdiction during a state convocation. Three years ago 404, 770, and 678 numbers were ringing and Tim was the subject of conversation due to his lover who was also an Elder and Assistant Pastor of his church outing Tim to his wife and her mother and father. Elder Jimmy Battles in the most malicious manner called and confronted his lover’s wife. Elder Battles Informed her that he had been in a relationship with her husband for over 11 years and just could no longer keep lying about it and even went to the bishop with the terrible news about their relationship. After a meeting with Bishop Owens Tim’s wife decided to give her husband a second chance and because she was willing to give him a second chance so was Bishop Owens and allowed him to preach during the state meeting in spite of his scandal.
CVS Pharmacy does not sell a drug strong enough needed for the Saints inCentral Georgiaon the night that Bishop Owens took the might and exposed Tim Cox openly. Most of them could have been knocked over with a feather when the great orator said.
“I have received a number of calls about my son being a homosexual and that I should not let him preach tonight, but I met with him and his what and I am going to stand with her on giving him a second chance,” in the famous Owens voice. Bishop Owens went to say that he did not know if a man could or could not be born gay, but he did know was that a man can be born again. Standing by Tim who repented for his 11 year affair and he promised he was not going to go that way again Bishop Owens allowed him to preach and he was not in any other from disciplined.
Now if that was not enough Cox took the might and the first thing out of his mouth was that he had done everything but children and crack. At that point Mr. Obnoxious did not know what bodily function was going to go first due to all of the drama in one night. Now we have to sit back and wait to see what the judge says about this manner. You can rest assure that Mr. Obnoxious will keep you informed of just what the court has to say about these two men and they midnight prowling.