Gospel Music Artist DeWayne Woods Alleaged Male Lover Reveals All On Facebook!  Allegedly DeWayne Is Homeless, A Deadbeat Dad, Bad McDonald’s Deal, & More!!!

Posted on May 16, 2015


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 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, it seems that Gospel Singer DeWayne Woods has allegedly crossed the wrong person.  One of DeWayne’s CDs was tiled ‘Life Lessons’ and he definitely learning one right now.  Close to five days ago I was sent a screenshot (that you can checkout below) of a status on Facebook by Anthony Lofties of Nashville that is obviously openly gay.  Anthony exposed an alleged relationship he was having with DeWayne and some personal details of DeWayne’s life that only a close friend or friend of a friend could have been privy and learned directly from the individual or someone close to them in idle gossip.  Now anyone that knows DeWayne knows he  has been very open about his past and The Lord healing him.  DeWayne Woods shares God Healed him of HIV/AIDS during one of his many interviews on the subject.  

 Although, during a conversation with Anthony, who started out very vocal about his alleged secret relationship with DeWayne and how he was supporting him financially he began to back peddle when I asked him about his HIV status.  I had to call Anthony on his motive of attacking a man that had been open and honest with one of the most difficult subject for the Black Church to discuss.  It was clear that Anthony seemed to be extremely thirsty in his desire to be attached to a celebrity and was willing to accept being kept a secret, but he revealed he was willing to go against his better judgment for DeWayne.  Falling hard for the BS DeWayne was selling him Anthony allowed himself to be his secret lover. So why are you mad now Anthony?  Yeah cause you got played and was cashing out someone you said you never had sex with after confronted about your status.  At first Anthony was very loquacious about how big his backside (in his words he has a big ass) that attacks a lot of men and was what got DeWayne’s attention.  Looking for love in all the wrong places Anthony let his guard down and it seems that DeWayne used his once large name and status to pull not just Anthony, but allegedly guys all over the country.

 A scorned woman cannot touch how evil a scorned homosexual can become when he gets man.  According to Anthony, DeWayne sought him out on social media and gave him his number and they started down this word of secrect love.  Not sure if it was love, lust, or just plain old stupidity on both of these guys part, but at least DeWayne was smart enough to get cashed out.  Anthony, a Gay Club promoter did not seem to have any issues in supporting DeWayne, who had hit an obvious slump in his Gospel Career.  Leaving no holds barred in this explosive Facebook status Anthony exposed that DeWayne Woods was homeless in Atlanta and living in an Extended Stay, had a piss poor manager name Wade that could not even negotiate hotel room and travel for DeWayne to appear on the McDonal’s Gospel Tour.  The most shocking reveal about DeWayne by Anthony is that DeWayne allegedly a deadbeat dad and owes over $50,000 in back child support.  I tried to reach out to DeWayne for a comment, but he has not responded.

Read Anthony’s Facebook status for yourself and questionable FaceTime photos of his conversations with DeWayne Woods.  Anthony claims he has a very revealing video of him and DeWayne that he may release as well.


Read a e-mail sent to me below:

Mr. Obnoxious,

Search the hashtag #DeWayneWoods on Instagram and you will find all of his boyfriends. From Atlanta to Chicago.