Donte’ Everhart & The End Time Movement CD ‘I Need Thee’ Available Now

Posted on May 15, 2015


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This is an Obnoxious Review!  Everyone needs to be on the lookout for my boy Donte’ Everhart and his group End Time Movement.  With an eclectic sound of every musical genre’ combined with the forces of contemporary, traditional, analog, & electric music styles, Donte’ Everhart & The End Time Movement knows no boundaries of the presentation of music to outreach and win the lost. “IT’S NOT JUST CHART TOPPING, RADIO SPINS, BOASTING OF POSITION AND AWARDS.. BUT A GREATER MORE PURE FOCUS OF MANDATE AS TO WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN US” says the songwriter, Donte’ Everhart. The music is sure to instantly enhance the listeners state of mind towards a retrospective look of their position & posture towards their faith. With a laundry list of pioneering and relevant gospel and christian greats that they have assisted and shared the stage with, this captivating ensemble of live vocalists, horns, dancers, and musicians now step out and bring to you an epic remake of the widely known hymn, “I NEED THEE” from the upcoming summer album release entitled “The Rise Of The End Time Movement” under the World Class Gospel/SMG/Universal Music labels.  Pre-order your copy today!