Former ‘Sunday Best’ Contestant Alexis Spight Seems To Have Out Lived The Alleaged Nude Photos Of Her And Releases A New Music Video ‘All The Glory’-WARNING PARENTAL DESGRESSION ADVISED ADULT CONTENT   

Posted on May 14, 2015


 Everything Is Going Down,mBut The Word Of God……Sunday Best former contestant Alexis Spight seems to be going strong and has a new video out that I honestly like and suggest you take a listen (checkout the link

 Funny how her manager, Uncle G a self proclaimed fomer thug that is not so former, is trying to get his footing in the world of Gospel Music and is rumored to use the ways of the world with wanna-be gangster and intimidation tactics to make things happen for his clients.  This fool actually went to such lengths as to try to have me removed from the media room during the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) AIM Convention and some of the Music Department officials tried to go along with it.  A silly security guard went along with it until he found out who Sir William was and I had the head of COGIC come and put him in his place.  

 At one time Alexis and I were in a really good place and frieds that enjoyed running into each other at various events.  However, to my being a professional blogger when I was sent the aleaged photo of some female that resembles the former Sunday Best contestant and was told it was not her I felt comfortable in running with the story.  However, after the story was posted the same people affiliated with Alexis called back for the photo to be removed of the female that was not her at first.  Of course it was never going to come down because they said it was not the same person.  Take a look at the photo below that allegedly of a former Sunday Best contestant.