Recently Married Paula White Attends An Event White Her Third Husband And Wine Is On The Table And It was Not Holy Communion Was Not Being Served

Posted on May 13, 2015



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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……A member of my Obnoxious Street Committee has already began to send photos of Paula White and her new husband Joanathan Cain, keyboard player for the Rock&Roll group Journey.  The above imagine was taken at what seem to be a charity event that Jonathan is somehow involved in and had his wife a company him.  Less then a month after she married her third husband Paula White is already caught in what she clearly knows is questionable behavior.  Notice Paula posted the photo with the table cropped out so the wine glasses would not be shown, but the same cannot be said about her husband.  Jonathan Cain is already doing a piss poor job as the First Gentelman and not covering his wife and her ministry.  Obviously he did not seem to care one bit by posting the very photo that was persona non grata from Paula’s Instagram page.  A number of flags have started flying with this questionable marriage and if it will effect Paula’s ministry.  

Let it be clear that you cannot serve two masters, either you love one and hate the other.  Anything with two heads is a freak and there is no room for compromise when it comes to preaching the Gospel.  Let me say this to you:  the Devil is not taking any time off, vacations, or breaks in his mission of seeking who he may devour.  So the same must be said about those who are professing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Now if Paula was not a Penacostal Preacher this would not be an issue, but due to her being one she must not allow her good to be evil spoken of and to shun the very appearance of evil.  Perhaps even if it was a charity event it might not have been best for her to attend.  Hopefully this marriage will not be the destruction of her ministry.

Readers what are your thoughts?