Forbes Unveils It’s Annual ‘Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artists’ List 2015, See Who Took The Top Spot –You Will Be Shocked By a who Made Number #1

Posted on May 11, 2015



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Forbes‘ annual list of Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artists is out and although the major players remain the same, a little musical chairs has gone down for the 2015 list in comparison to last years.

According to Hot 97, Last year, Dr. Dre was riding high with the acquisition of Beats by Apple, Diddy did his job to close the gap to grab the top spot in 2015.

Diddy’s investments in both Revolt and Ciroc pulled past Dre to $735 million.

The list didn’t change too much from last year, as Diddy, Jay Z, and Birdman rounded off the list. Check out the full list and amounts below.

1. Diddy – $735 Million
2. Dr. Dre – $700 Million
3. Jay Z – $550 Million
4. 50 Cent – $155 Million
5. Birdman – $150 Million