E. Dewy Smith In. Major Car Accident 

Posted on May 11, 2015



Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest!  Everything Is Going Down, but The Word of God……“The beam saved my life,” Dr. E. Dewey Smith exclaimed, when sharing with The House of Hope Atlanta church family about the multi-car accident he and his family were involved in last weekend. On Friday, May 8, Dr. Smith, his wife, Andrea, and niece, Brittany, were traveling on Georgia’s I-16, headed to Savannah, GA. They were scheduled to attend the commencement exercises at Armstrong State University the next day in support of his and Andrea’s niece. In perhaps one of his most transparent moments in ministry, Dr. Smith recalled both the harrowing details and inspiring moments of an accident that suddenly and violently interrupted his life.

So jolted was he by the impact that Smith did not immediately recognize that the force of the collision caused his head to strike the dashboard and his chest to bang into the steering wheel. The gearshift imploded in his hand, his seat broke in half and the trunk of the car was pushed into the back seat. Though they suffered injuries including a fractured clavicle, torn ligaments, cuts and bruises, by God’s grace all three were able to walk away from the car. When the dust had settled, four cars were totaled.

Photos of the rear of Smith’s vehicle following the collision were shown onscreen to congregants. Largely unrecognizable as a 2014 Audi, the damage was catastrophic and extensive. Smith mentioned that as he looked into the trunk, he noticed a piece of metal bent into the shape of a ‘V’. It was the rear enforcement beam of the car, designed by the makers of Audi to bear the intensity of a crash. The Holy Ghost spoke to Dr. Smith and said, “Dewey, I want you to know and see something in the spirit. You’re only here because the beam took the load for you.” Drawing an analogy to the salvation offered by Calvary, Smith referred to our “Beam” – Jesus Christ – who bore the intensity of the attack on us by the enemy and took on the load of our pain. We are alive, he declared, because of the “Beam”. Proclaiming “Victory is mine,” a still sore yet resolute Dr. E. Dewey Smith exited the stage.