Golden State Warriors beat the Memphis Grizzlies Game 1 of the Semifinals!  

Posted on May 4, 2015


Golden State Warriors beat the Memphis Grizzlies Game 1 of the Semifinals!  The Grizzlies might stop some of the Warriors’ Golden Glow, but they did not pull it off yesterday.                                                                                            Stephen Curry, the MVP scored 22 points with the four other starters scoring in double digits with a 101-86 win over the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals in the First Sunday in May.                                The Worriors met the Grizzles defense and was able to blitz.  Draymond Green scored 16 points, Klay Thompson scored 18 points and Harrison Barnes shit 11 points.  Golden State shot 13 of 28 3 point attempts and afte the first ten minutes of the game it was no stopping them.                                                      The Oracle Arena was a sea of Gold and the fans were going bananas!  The team tweeted this was the 21st straight win for the Warriors at home. Mother break obviously allowed the team to get some rest that proved to work to their advantage.  Stephan Curry mentioned during the press conference nth at the rest was most needed for Draymond Green.  The first game back at home since April 20 and Golden State as not one bit rusty.  Scoring 32 points in the first quarter and led by nine points at the half.  However, game was won in the third quarter and the Warriors held the Memphis Grizzlies at a 14 point lead.     The Grizzlies played a solid game from their star players.  Memphis gave the Warriors a good run and shot a little over 45 percent.  Zach Randolph along with Marc Gasol scored 41 points and Tony Allen was good for 15 points.  Now the Grizzlies methods might have proven successful in the first round, but is not going to cut it going aganist Golden State.                                                        

No doubt that the Grizzlies are the underdog going up aganist the Warriors and it is going to be even more rough without point guard Mike Conley, who was injured and not cleared to play.  Conley suffered multiple facial fractures in Game 3 of their first round series against the Portland Trailblazers.  He attempted to workout during pregame warmups wearing a mask so it seemed he might would aid his team in Game 1, but he was successful and was on the bench during the game as expected.                                                                          “I am getting used to this mask.  Trying to make sure my peripheral vision right.”  Conley told reporters.  He said he would try again for Game 2 and see how it goes.  Without Conley the Grizzlies were forced to play the bench and Give Nick Calaters and Beno Udrich heavy minutes, but did not prove to be successful.  Calaters got off to a good start and was good defensively, but struggled the entire game with making shots and at one point played 21 minutes without scoring.  Udrich was most effective offensively and scored seven points, but was no match for Curry nor Thompson.                             Conley is as tremendous of an athlete as you’ll ever see, and he has a big heart,” Memphis coach Dave Joerger told reporters of his point guard on Friday. “He’s able to stay in front of speed guys as well as anybody in the league. The guys that give him problems are the bigger and stronger guys like Westbrook and guys like that. Especially against speed guys, he can match speed for speed with anybody.”                                                                                The Memphis offense was also stuck with nearly nonexistent production from role players. Jeff Green finished with just nine points. Vince Carter made only one of his seven shots, as he had just two points. The Grizzlies also turned the ball over 15 times, which is simply too many with their margin of error so thin. Golden State turned in a dominant two-way performance without any player performing his best. Curry needed 18 shots for his 22 points, adding seven assists and four steals. Thompson was almost completely silent in the first half before scoring 12 of his 18 points in the second. Curry, Thompson and Andre Iguodala were the only Warriors to even have 30 minutes of playing time.        All of this bodes well for Golden State in this series and going forward. Steve Kerr’s team is loaded with solid depth at nearly every position, so much so that he can play David Lee just four minutes and not blink an eye. Lee was making his first appearance of the playoffs due to a back injury, but no other team has the infrastructure to withstand the loss of such a talented player.           Speaking of Kerr, he’s off to quite the start to his postseason career as a coach, per ESPN Stats & Info:                                                                                                   As it stands, the Grizzlies are going to need a whole lot of work to even make Golden State sweat. Not only will Conley have to return in time for Game 2, but he’ll also have to perform at a near-All-Star level on both ends of the floor. Curry is perhaps the toughest player in the league to guard this side of LeBron James, and neither Calathes nor Udrih has the goods to slow him down.       The Warriors look every bit like the impenetrable force they were during their historic regular season. It’s too early to call this series in their favor, but Memphis has an almost impossible task ahead if Sunday is any indication.

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