Obnoxious Media Presents Summer’s Sexy Singles

Posted on April 30, 2015


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As it starts to get nice and warm while heading into Summer what a fun time to be sexy single and looking.  A few years back one of the associates of Obnoxious Media presented a wonderful idea to recognize some of our supports and possiblely help hook them up with the love of their life or love for right now!  The funny thing is this is Summer’s Sexy Singles from 2014 and it is already time to start the selection process this year.  The one issue is that last year women seemed very afraid to submit their information out of fear of their perception, but the fellas was all for it.  Enjoy Obnoxious Media’s Summer’s Sexy Singles and learn about them in their own words.  If you think you have what it takes to be featured please submit your information to WilliamGMcCrayIII@gmail.com for review!

Betsy Morgan

Indianapolis, IN.
Nashville, TN
I was an associate pastor for many years. I’m currently working on some personal projects. 
Any place tropical
Being around the water.  Enjoying cooking out and laughing with my friends. 
Kindness and humor
Sex on the first date is not for me. 
It too special. You don’t truly know someone on a first date.
It’s a secret because it’s only for that special person. 
Bio…. Betsy Morgan is an ex pastors wife. She has two amazing children.  Her children are her primary focus. They come first no matter what. The greatest joy she has is being their mom. Betsy an Indiana girl with strong Midwest roots.  She has a great appreciation and love for her family. Betsy is embarking on life after a very public divorce.  She’s  working on personal projects to empower women through her story.  Betsy truly believe the best is yet to come.

Olando Narcisse
– Over 30, under 40
– Louisiana
– Atlanta, GA
– College graduate
– Celebrity Fashion Stylist
  Model/Artist Developer
  Stage Producer
– Any kind of water sports on an exotic island
– Lifting weights, running and studying fashion trends
– Independent, stabled, confident, transparent, loving/caring and honest
– Don’t really care for it
– Lol, that’s for that special person to know…
– Looking for Love


Jason McQuain



Where are you from?

Born in West Virginia, raised in Florida, but now currently reside in New York City.

What is your level of education?

BFA in Photography and BFA in Acting

What is your profession?



What is your ideal Summer Vacation?

A remote island in Hawaii with that sexy someone. Lots of sun bathing, swimming, dining, and hot tubs. I love the sun and I feel at home on the beach.

What is your favorite Summer pastime?

My Caribbean and Mexican cruises. Always good to get out on the ocean and just feel the breeze while laying pool side.

What qualities will that right person possess for you?

Strong heart, honesty, affectionate, fun loving, romantic fit, and humorous. I want to be able to talk about anything to my lover. I also want them to be able to feel open enough to speak with me so a good direct person is a must.

What do you think about sex on the first date?

I think you should definitely wait. Though talking about it is pretty important. You wouldn’t want to get in a relationship and then find out you are totally incompatible.

What do you do best during sex for that special person?

A true gentleman never kisses and tells although I will say this I love the taste of different things so…. J

Are you looking for male, female, or open?


Jason McQuainis internationally known for his eye for talent and beauty.Coming from a background of dance and stage production the images he captured are unique and stunning.


Jason started his photography career in 2003 while working as a fight attendance. He wanted to capture where he went and the people he met. Through the course of two years his photographic skills caught the eyes of several celebrity photographers which encouraged him to pursue his talent. Jason has also directed and choreographed numerous fashion shows up and down the east coast of the United States.


Known mostly for his amazing dance moves, Jason knew how the body moved and how to make an impacting image using movement. Through his years in college in Washington DC he honed his skills towards beauty, portrait  and form.


Once graduated he built his company and started branching out to more avenues of photography. Now based in New York, Jason McQuain Studios is growing faster than ever. Jason stays inspired by the contemporary fine art of the city and the environment around them.


Currently Jason has began work on several web shows as well as a stage play to be in theaters by 2016.

LyricalEryq 35years old Nigerian Mix from da Southside of Chicago & currently residing..pursuing a Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising to obtain da skills needed to be da Boss of My Fashion Line when I move to L.A. Im a Rapper/Songwriter working hard on My debut, My first single “Fuck Love” off My upcoming EP “Me Myself & I” will be dropping Summer 2014. My ideal Summer vacation would be somewhere tropical, sands, water, a grill & Someone special to share it with. In the Summertime I enjoy Cooking @home, grilling, trying out different fruit smoothies & venturing off to different festivals around My beautiful City. My ideal Love would be Someone Spiritual, a Man that acknowledges da power of the Lord, a Man of dignity, considerate, humble, loyal & one whom practices da art of being reciprocal. Sex onda first date is just what it is “Sex on da first date” not what Im looking for to secure a future of Love however it happens, if 2 People are down for the go then go, I personally wouldnt expect much from it afterwards, not the best start to a healthy relationship In My opinion..I wanna go deeper than Sex…currently just looking to better Myself & implement My skills to secure Myself in da Music & Fashion Industry, if that special Someone happens to come along for the ride I wont stop da Bus. 

My name is Chris Letrell I am 26 years old. i am from Miami, Fl and that is where I currently reside. I just recently graduated from the illustrious  Florida Memorial University with a B.S in psychology, right now I am a mentor, and a trainer, and an advent member of my fraternity. My ideal summer vacation would be a trip to the Mykonos,island in Greece. To see the contrast of the white villas and the see is a sight to behold itself, also being able to go see whales in their natural habitat yea that would be my ideal summer vacation. My favorite summer past time is really just sun bathing at the beach and hanging with my two best friends. What qualities will that right person for me possess is, well he has to be handsome to me, able to hold a conversation, someone who knows that my ideals are mine and there’s are there’s. Must have a thing for fitness, nothing sexier than two partners working out together. Someone who likes music, as well as the arts. Someone who likes sports, who loves dogs. Someone who knows that a relationship is a battle that is never easy. Honesty, and someone who wants me for me flaws and all lol. What do i think about sex on the first date, hmmm I see nothing wrong with it, but its something sexy bout waiting until date number 2 lol. The thing i do best during sex for that special someone is everything they like why jus only be good at one thing lol. I am looking for a male to come into my life.

Dwayne Palmer
New York / New Jersey
2 years of college
Self employed: Stylist & Song writer/arranger. I’m CEO of Lovebeams Inc. / Making Moves Music.  I’m published songwriter/arranger. First project Stars on Broadway “Never Alone”. Latest release (in the makings) Ladies & Gents “Not Broken”.www.lovebeams.net

 Two of my favorite vacation spots ever: Santorini Greece & Costa Rica.
Favorite summer pastime: Spending quality time,  near and body of water,  with that special someone or by myself. 

My ideal Mate: is comfortable in their own skin, willing and able to communicate maturely and freely, mutually understand and patient of navigating through different channels of a relationship,  able to have my back! (As I would,  theirs) and totally uninhibited intimately! 🙂

Sex on the first date: If I desire a long term situation,  I prefer a connection, chemistry and nurturing the prospective someone,  first.

🙂 I believe in total body pleasure,  taking time to explore and create our own unique rhythms.. I get pleasure mostly in and by getting that special someone off.
While I’ve greatly enjoyed the company of both sides… I prefer male.

My name is Charlie Jones III, I’m 25 years old from Durham, NC by way of Harlem, New York City. I just moved to Atlanta to pursue my career in entertainment. (Acting, Dancing, Music) I am a rap/hip hop artist as well as a proud member of Delta Phi Delta Dance Fraternity Inc. My ideal summer vacation would be traveling out of the country. I am very spontaneous and I believe in taking risks when it comes to just packing up and going somewhere. I feel like the right woman should possess the qualities of determination, confidence, a sense of humor, intelligence and most of all the drive to always want more. My feelings about sex on the first date is very simple…. sex is an important factor in a relationship.. It can alter a situation very drastically. So with that being said i believe in sex on the first date because in all honesty you can wait on it and feel great about someone but as soon as it happens and it’s not good, believe me it will show in your relationship. I am really sensual when it comes to sex with that special lady. I like to make sure that all of her needs are catered to. When it comes to sex its not about me at all. I am looking for a female that wants to build a great friendship and possibly more but for right now, I’m all about having fun!!!

Name:  Kai Bell

Age: 40

Where are you from?  That’s a circle question lol!!!  Hawaii, but finished schooling in North Carolina

Where do you live if different?  I currently reside in Atlanta, GA.

What is your level of education?  Bachelor’s of Communications and Marketing from NC A&T

What is your profession?  I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and Swimwear/Underwear Model

What is your ideal Summer Vacation?  My ideal vacation is crystal clear beach water, 100 degree temperature and just beautiful people to the left and right…LOL

What is your favorite summer pastime?  Oh by far the BEACH!!!  That and walking around totally shirtless..LOL

What qualities will that right person possess for you?  The right person will always possess that quality of knowing me better than I know myself.  I’m always attracted to that type of person because it means that they pay attention to you.  That person will also always have your back and be willing to step in when they know you have become defeated, but all the while they’re building you back up to be the best!

What do you think about sex on the first date?  I’m Scorpio, so there’s no telling how I’m feeling on the first date.  I may meet you and immediately fall in love which also means you’re coming home with me no matter what and you’re forever mine….or, I may want to build quality time in getting to know you! I must say, I do enjoy being in a relationship and dating just that one individual!!

What do you do best during sex for that special person?  Now if I told you that, the line would be out the door….(Kai sticks out tongue)!!

Are you looking for male, female, or open? HMMMMMMMM

Name.                                                                                                                     Davion “Zai Air” Colbert

Humble 20.
Where are you from?

Born in Santa Barbara, CA. Raised in the Bay Area of Cali. But moved all around the U.S. and traveled around the world as a child.
Where do you live if different?
Currently, I am between Atlanta, Jackson, MS, and New York.
What is your level of education?
Bachelors of Arts and Certifications in Business Administration from Emory University and the Goizueta Business School in Atlanta.
What is your profession?
I am CEO of C.O.R.E. Culture Group, which is a creative consulting firm and artist management group. In addition, I have expertise as a Marketing/Branding Consultant, an I.T. Support Specialist, and in addition to my CEO role, I am a Federal Business Development Specialist for 2 companies. On the creative side, I am a singer/songwriter/producer/performer, and I love it all. I ultimately just want to enable everyone to do what they love, so long as it intersects with the needs of the world, and I feel lilt exposing myself to so many different environments in different capacities really helps me do that.
What is your ideal Summer Vacation?
I love to travel. And I love to be with the people I love and can have fun with. I’d have to say my best experience has been with cruises, specifically the Disney Cruise. People think its a kid’s cruise, and it has young aspects, but it is for everyone ages 0-100. I guarantee it. Best time anyone can have. Otherwise, I always love my time in New York, eating at all the hole in the walls and hopping on the subway to go any and everywhere. I love it there! Ideally, there is water wherever I go, and I need to feel like I’m getting something new out of my experience. I’m all about getting out and exploring the world!
What is your favorite Summer pastime?
I love to reflect, go camping, write, develop myself more, and really take time to recalibrate for the rest of the year.
What qualities will that right person posses for you?
They will be patient, mentally strong, love me for me, and be able to add to me and my life, as I will to theirs. I believe there is always a need for balance in relationship, and I require that. Besides that, we genuinely have to love one another.

What do you think about sex on the first date?

If you have it, and you feel that you were loving yourself and the other person, then okay. I’ve never had that experience, but I won’t judge others. I just don’t like to see people get hurt, cause future pain for one another, or end up the center of unnecessary drama.
What do you do best during sex for that special person?

That would be something I’d keep between me and that special person. lol.
Are you looking for male, female, or open?


Jovan Acree, A MAN OF MANY TALENTS WHOSE RECENT SUCCESS COME IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY & Entertainment. A SHORT CAMEO IN MICHELLE Williams new Video (Say Yes) featured By Kelly Rowland, and Beyonce  Knowles members from DESTINY CHILD. This RENAISSANCE Man ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS HAS GIVEN HIM AN OPPORTUNITY TO Become a producer with his on business IMPACT UNIVERSE COMPANY Specializing In BRANDING Products Placement for the Stars. And as partner to two companies BIGCITY MFG & 5Star Film Productions he is able manufacturer new clothing lines from scratch and film there commercials.A TRUE MAN ON THE RISE who will also be featured in A New docu-series called (ARE WE FAMOUS YET) shot by 5Star films which, will be theatre in September.

Born June 17 this gemeni has his hands in every trade hosting, modeling, dancing, acting he even has athletic talent as he chases hisddream in The NBA Just Finished a PRO Conbine in Houston. After All that he still has the time to pursue and finish college Degree in  Communication  at RARITAN Valley C.C in hopes of finalizing his sholastic achievement at UCLA in 2015-
Romantically I like a challenge someone career oriented, im a comedy and movie Buffon a free SPIRIT that is a Christian so you have to have faith.

My name is Terrance Hightower. I am a police officer of 18 years and counting. I’m a trained martial artist with a 5th degree black belt. I am also a personal trainer. I try to enjoy life to the fullest everyday. I fully believe in becoming a better man than I was the day before. There is always room for improvement. 
  1. Name: Terrance R. Hightower
  2. Age:     44
  3. From:   St. Augustine,Fl
  4. Live in: Jacksonville,Fl
  5. Education: AA degree
  6. Profession: Police Officer (18yrs)
  7. Ideal Summer Vacation: Some Exotic Beach
  8. Favorite Summer pastime: Riding my motorcycle 
  9. Qualities that the right person will posses for me: Being Honest & Loyalty
  10. Thoughts on having sex on the first date: Possible, but the long term idea play a part
  11. What I do best during sex for that special person: Whatever it takes, depends on the moment
  12. My current status: Single looking for a Female

Myron “KuziCan” Jackson, dubbed “South Florida’s Prince Of Crunk” is HipHop’s new bad boy. The 25 year old Florida native, is causing a lot of waves with his raw talent and over the top persona. “Mayor” as he is known to some, has been entertaining across the states and abroad since 2004. The rapper, dancer, singer, actor extraordinaire got his start at the age of 15, singing in a contemporary all boys gospel choir and has sinced branched off to r&b and hiphop. Kuzi is currently promoting is first solo project, “#DaMotherFxckinMAYOR mixtape” out now and his upcoming straight to DvD documentary, the “#JerkzOfStLucieCounty” due out October 31st of this year.

-Name: Myron “KuziCan” Jackson
-Age: 25
-Where are you from: Fort Pierce, FL
-Where do you live: Miami, FL
-Highest level of Education: Highschool grad. and certified medical assistant
-What is your profession: Entertainer
-What is your ideal summer vacation: as long as there isn’t any rain and south FL. is involved I’m there. 
-What is your favorite summer pastime: Boat party’s
-What qualities will that right person posses for you: honesty, drive and passion. And they must be a “Go-Getter”.
-What do you think about sex on the first date: I can’t knock it because I’ve done it, so as long as it’s safe and consensual it’s fine by me. Do I want my nieces to be screwing on the first date? No
-What do you do best for that special person during sex: Become that special person and find out.
-Are you looking for male, female or open: open



Name – Claude Thomas
Age – 43
Where are you from? Mobile, Alabama
Where do you live if different? Buenos Aires ,Argentine – Atlanta Ga
What is your level of education? College Associates Degree
What is your profession? Dj- Artist
What is your ideal Summer Vacation? Traveling meeting different people from different cultures
What is your favorite Summer pastime? Long walks in the park
What qualities will that right person posses for you? A open mind & heart & not closed to try different things
What do you think about sex on the first date? I am a person that can wait until time is precise
What do you do best during sex for that special person? Lick them from head to toe
Are you looking for male, female, or open? Female