Facebook Discussion On Race, Race Relations, And Interracial Dating With Mr. Obnoxious Gets Heated To The Point He sis Blocked 

Posted on April 30, 2015


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I am shocked and then I am not shocked! Yesterday a Facebook friend that is African American bodybuilder posted a very sexual over toned clip of some white women working out. Keep in mind he is a dark skinned male. I simply left a comment asking him did he like white women and he replied yes very much. I questioned about why and what message did it send to his Black mother and daughter. He asks he was sick of all the issues with Black women and White Women were easy. The comment hit me like a bolt of lighting. However, one of his body building friend girlfriend jumped in and it started out as an adult conversation that quickly resulted in my being called names. Now please note African Americans and other minorities cannot be racist because we do not have the socioeconomic power to carry out our views to effect a large group. We can be prejudice and that I am. It is amazing to me that is a Jew talks about the way their people were brutally murdered it is okay, but a black person reminds white of what they did to us not so long ago we are racist and should forget. I will never forget nor apologize for speaking truth. This morning I woke to find out the black guy I friended me due to my calling his friends white girlfriend names, which is not true. However, he had no issue with her calling me faggots and other names that are not true. In the big picture I could really careless, but I thought it was interesting based upon the physiology behind it. Please share with me your thoughts.

Checkout screenshots of the entire conversation below: