Jimmy Kimmel Continues To Exploit Andrew Caldwell An Obviously Special Needs Man Who Testifed He Is Not Gay No More At The Holy Convocation  

Posted on April 29, 2015


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Let me be clear!  I am getting Sick of Jimmy Kimmel’s continued coverage of this obviously disturbed and/or challenged man that is to dumb to know he is being exploited.  It is time that some of the officals of the church meet with Kimmel to get this to stop once and for all.  It seems that Jimmy has a issue with the black church and is enjoying putting us on display.  Additionally ai am not sure why the LGBT Community has not taken issue with his using an aleaged former homosexual to make fun of that community.   This is the very stupid decision Brandon Porter man when he handed over a national service to someone that seemed to be special needs.  These men seem to hate gays so much they are using Caldwell to jest at the LGBT Community.  Now if the church and tell Andrew they will ie him for use of the name do the same to Jimmy and make him stop showing that chop with the COGIC name and logo attached to it.

Andrew Caldwell, the man who declared “I don’t like mens no more” at a church service in a widely circulated YouTube video appeared on a late night talk show to talk about his recent confrontation at a University City FroYo.

That confrontation ended with the cashier at the FroYo hurling frozen yogurt at him.

The customer, Andrew Caldwell, said he was trying to get a discount on his yogurt, and claimed the cashier called him a homosexual slur. Security video from the business shows Caldwell throwing money at a cashier. Seconds later, the cashier throws the bowl of frozen yogurt.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t order hot fudge, huh? That could’ve been really bad,” host Jimmy Kimmel said.

“Right, my skin would’ve been burnt,” Caldwell said.

The cashier, Stephanie Diaz, was charged with third-degree assault. Diaz denies calling Caldwell a homosexual slur, adding that she is gay.

Kimmel said his show contacted her to appear on the program, but her lawyers declined.

“Will you be writing a negative Yelp review of the store?” Kimmel said.

“Yes, I will,” Caldwell said, adding that he plans to sue the FroYo store.

When asked how much he thinks he should get for his troubles, Caldwell plainly responded, “a couple million.”

“That’s a lot of toppings,” Kimmel quipped.

From there, the conversation shifted to Caldwell’s infamous 2014 viral video.

Watch Andrew Caldwell be exploited by Jimmy Kimmel and he is to dumb to know the difference below: