Bobby Jones Forced To Retire Due To BET Cancelling His 35 Year Running Show

Posted on April 29, 2015


Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCrsy and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCray to keep up on the latest!                                                Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……BET has told Dr. Bobby Jones to “Hit The Road Jack!”  It will be hard to imagine Sunday Morning without Bobby Jones.  This man has worked and dedicated his life to ministry and Gospel Music and has been extremely instrumental in Godpel becoming mainstream.  Now insiders say this so called retirement is being forced upon Bobby Jones and he did not seem happy about taking his final bow.  Not sure why BET would take off a show that is doing well and not very expensive to produce.  Bobby Jones entire season is taped in about two weekends and ready, set, go.  Now what they should take off the air is the horrible show that comes in after him that is not even worth mentioning on my platform.  P. Diddy did it best when he let the extremely not good host go years ago or MTV when they cancelled the wanna-be, has been, once was butler to Sean Combs go.  Rumor has it that Bobby Jones is being shown the door and he is not ready to go, but has no control.                                                                            Jones has given so many a Gospel Artist their start with his excellent combination of having up and coming and established artist perform on the same show.  Someone at BET in higher management is obviously not a lover of Christ.  If you recall BET was going to drop “Celebration Of Gospel” until the Saints raised Hell and they brought the show back.  In fact that is just what needs to be done in the case with Bobby Jones.  The Saints should demand he stay on the air.  Gospel Music Artist and Saints from all over the world should flood BET with phone calls, letters, and e-mails until they change their mind.  Contact Stephen Hill’s office to express your displeasure in their decision.  Even noted pastors should step in and make tier voice heard for someone that have assisted so many get thier start.                                                                  Yours truly spoke to Bobby Jones and he did not seem pleased with the decision and just humblly said the network thought it was time for him to retire. 


The longest running original series in the history of cable television and the top Sunday morning program on BET Networks, ”Bobby Jones Gospel” will come to an end after 35 years on air this season. BET announced the cancellation of the show during its annual upfront meeting yesterday.                                         In an interview host of the program and gospel recording artist, Dr. Bobby Jones, 75, thanked his fans and BET Networks and said he looks forward to a continued relationship, but as for the show he pioneered, “it’s the end.”         The resplendent host from Henry, TN provided a national platform for many of the gospel artists we listen to today. Some of the top artists in the Gospel music industry first appeared before a television viewing audience by performing on the “Bobby Jones Gospel” stage. Jones says he gave mega gospel star Kirk Franklin his first exposure.                                                     Franklin and Yolanda Adams celebrated Dr. Bobby Jones’ groundbreaking work with a soul stirring performance in tribute to his phenomenal work on BET Networks throughout the years.                                                                                BET promises this farewell season will be the best yet, with the final season featuring “gospel music’s most talented entertainers, choirs, evangelists, and newcomers appearing to wish Dr. Bobby Jones well wishes, tune in for a season filled with jubilant performances and mesmerizing interviews.”        What next for the Grammy award winning television trailblazer?

Says Jones, “We will see. I plan to maintain my brand name through BET and I know I’ll be doing something with Celebration of Gospel. . .”