Paula White Confirms Mr. Obnoxious Was Right And She Did Get Married To Musician Jonathan Cain For The Rock Band Journey 

Posted on April 28, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Today, Paula White posted photos of her wedding on her Facebook page.  All of you that said I was wrong can shut up!  Know that when Mr. Obnoxious says something you can take it to the bank.  Paula White has officially confirmed she got married to a musician named Jonathan Cain, who plays for the rock band Journey, and posted 25 plus pictures from her beautiful wedding.  Paula White made a beautiful bride and looked amazing in her wedding gown.  Now Paula was married and went into ministry with her ex-husband Randy that was secretly a alacholic and dope addict to now marring a guy that plays Rock&Roll.  Now everyone knows I love Paula, but sure about her marrying a man that is in a Rock band.  How did they even connect and his life style has to be difficult fit to become the First Man to a major televangelist ministry like Paula’s.  Oil and Walter does not mix, I am just saying!

Read her post below:

Such a beautiful wedding! God is amazing! thank you Jensen Larson Photography and Johana Glaudi for the dress!! 

Read an e-mail sent to me from a member of her church below:

Congratulations to Pastor Paula White she married Jonathan Cain keyboard player for the rock band Journey and the writer of, “Don’t Stop Believing”. We wish her all God’s best!!!

Take a look a Paula’s beautiful wedding.