Enough Already!  Mo’Nique Provides E-mails To Prove Lee Dainles Is Wrong, But Who Cares

Posted on April 27, 2015


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We have to admit it, when Mo’Nique said she was initially offered the role of Cookie on Empire, we were a bit skeptical. Not that we doubted Mo’s talent, we just couldn’t imagine anyone but Taraji P. Henson in the role.  Enough already! Mo’Nique needs to accept the fact she messed up when she refused to campaign during Oscar season and not calling the man that made her win possible, Lee Daniels.  This continued rant is not going to do anything, but further eject her from Holywood.  She wanted to spend time with he husband Sidney, who is the subject of a lot of conversation in Atlanta and their children. So she has had five years to do just that.  It is almost as if winning the most prestigious award in film did not even matter.

But when we talked to the Blackbird star about the controversy and she challenged Lee Daniels to a public sit down, we knew she was serious. During an interview on Sway In the Morning, Mo’Nique literally pulled out the receipts and sipped her beverage while Sway read the emails aloud.


One of the emails read:

“Good Afternoon, Lee Daniels had a conversation with Mo’Nique about his new television pilot for Imagine Tv/Fox called “Empire.” We would like to screen test her for the role of ‘Cookie.’ Please contact us with her television quotes, so that we can start a test, option, deal. We are tentatively looking at Monday, Feb 24 for the screen test. ”

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