The Golden State Warriors Beat the Pelicans In Game 1 Of The 2015 Playoffs-Legendary Journalist Larry King Warriors Will Go All The Way 

Posted on April 19, 2015


Larry King tweeted the Golden State Warriors will win the Western Confrence and the Cleveland Calivers will take the Eastern Confrence.  Not sure if his prediction of the Warriors and the Calivers going head to head in the NBA Finals will come to pass or not.  However, the Warriors prove to be off to a good start will a seven point lean in the first game off the playoffs.  A seven point win is solid for post season basketball.  

Surprisingly Golden States Golden Kidd, Stephen Curry said the best team in the league is not under any pressure to go all the way.  Curry most likely is not trying to focus on the pressure so he can continue to play as well as he has been.  

The Warriors are the best team in the NBA almost sounds like a dream, pinch me is it real, but in fact it is real.  Starting off the postseason well with a 106-99 win against the New Orleans Pelicans that tried to make a comeback in the forth.  The Gloden Kid Curry was shinning like new money with a 34 point team high.  

Although, they are happy to have made it for the first time as a team unit the Pelicans made it clear they are not going to make it easy for the Warriors.  Anthony Davis had a great game scoring 35 points in this first playoffs appearance.  Unfortunately for the Pelicans his good game kicked in a little to late.  

Draymond Green’s 15 points and 12 rebounds was tremendous.  Klay Thompson was right behind Curry and Green with 21 points.  No wonder the Warriors are the best team in the league, all five of the starters scored in the double digits.

Wonder if Jamie Foxx, who starts in Curry’s commercial will make an appearance at the Oracle since his new album dropped.  The Warrios postseason spot was guaranteed long ago and made the rest of the season almost like practice for the spot they are in right now.  

First time playoffs appearance for Head Coach Steve Kerr, who unlike Curry was said to have been nervous before the game.  He let Curry get a little rest, but had to get him back out there to seal the deal with the Pelicans making a comeback in the fourth.  No doubt the Warriors will go all the way.  It is theirs if they stay focused and playing like they have all season.