Grammy Award Winning Christian Rapper Lecrane’s Music Is Being Played In A Strip Clubs

Posted on April 17, 2015



Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……An organization that ministers to dancers in strip clubs in Louisville has convinced one club to play Lecrae’s most recent CD.

Rapzilla reports Rachelle Starr, founder of ministry Scarlet Hope took the CD “Rehab” to a club, hoping that the owner would agree to play it. Starr offered the owner the CD and said, “Lecrae’s a Christian rapper. He just won a Grammy, and I think you guys would really like it.”

The strip club owner agreed. The DJ played several songs, capturing the attention of dancers, bouncers and others in the club.

Starr said, “The lyrics that Lecrae is writing are very tangible for dancers to grasp. It’s a lot of what they’ve been through. It’s a lot of what they seek. It’s very relatable. And he presents the gospel very well through his music.”

The strip club owner even asked Starr to pray with a club patron. Before the customer left, the owner gave him the CD saying, “You need to go listen to this.”

Not sure how to feel about this one.  If the lives of the women are being changed and they are coming out of the club then this may be great.  However, it that are striping and dancing to his music then it is a problem on two levels: 

The first is why is Christian Music so close to the sound of the world that you can booty shake to it.

Secondly, are people so reprobate they no longer have conscious to dance and drink to Christian Mudic in a night club.  

Either way this is nothing to be proud of at all!

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